Santre ke Chilke ka Face Pack | Best for Face Pack & Ubtan | घर पर बनाये संतरे के छिलके का पाउडर

Hello Friends Once again welcome back to my kitchen Today I will share with you A very simple way of Drying Orange Peels and making a Fine Powder of it This powder of orange peels Is used very frequently in beauty treatments These are some orange peels which I have been collecting for the last 4-5 days And I have stored them in an air tight container in a refrigerator First of all we will chop these orange peels in this chopper See this Within a minute they are chopped We will take them out on this tray I have chopped all the orange peels And have spread them on this tray Now we will keep this tray under sunlight continuously for the next 4-5 days You have to place them under sunlight in such a way That they get enough sunlight throughout the day After sun drying them for 4-5 days These will become crispy like this Now we will add them into a grinder And will make a Powder See this A very Fine Powder is formed If you want to use it as a Scrub Then do not sieve it But if you have to use it as a Face Pack Then you have to sieve it After sieving A Fine Powder is ready You can store it for the next 1 year After sieving you can use the left over part By mixing it with yellow gram flour as a scrub Holi festival is just around the corner If you are interested in making Herbal Color You can use this in making yellow color If you liked my video Then please LIKE my video and SUBSCRIBE my channel Always stay happy & healthy Thank You

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