S. Korea’s SMEs ministry to sell 1 million face masks at US$ 1 each

as demand for protective face max has
soared nationwide amid the corona virus outbreak the South Korean government and
local SMEs are going all-out to meet the demand and give the public that extra
peace of mind as they go about their days our Kim dummy with this report the
spirit of the corona virus has made a face mask a must-have item not just in
China but also here in Korea since the start the corona virus Africa Koreans
has spent an average of over a hundred US dollars on preventive measures like
masks and hand sanitizers the demand for those products has a skyrocketed and it
can be hard to get your hands on them I was able to buy face masks for around $3
but now the price has doubled and it’s hard to find the mask that I want at
pharmacies or online because they are already out of stock while the face
masks a shortage has spreads across the country some local SMEs are not only
pumping out masks for people in Korea but also offering them at half price one
CEO says he was even offered two million dollars for a million face masks it’s
unbelievable that people have to buy masks at unreasonable prices offering
discounts at a time like this is the least that s enemies like us can do we
hope this stabilizes supplies and prices encouraging other companies to do the
same to further help solve the mask shortage starting Wednesday the Ministry
of SMEs and startups will release a million face masks at around $1 each
through its TV home-shopping channel to prevent the hoarding of those products
they’ll be limited to one pack of 40 masks per customer the government is
also helping local companies operating in China resume their economic
activities the Korean government provided emergency kits including masks
to Korean SMEs based in China so that they could safely resume operations as
their production is linked to manufacturing finished products in Korea
the South Korean government has also approved tougher penalties against
people who were protective masks and hand sanitizers hoarders of those
products can get up to two years in prison
or a fine of around $42,000 in addition all manufacturers and wholesalers of
those products must make a daily reports to the government on their sales made
both at home and abroad Kim dami Arirang news

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