Rosacea is a Chronic Condition

Well first tell us what rosacea is and
take a look at this individual. Rosacea is actually a skin condition and
it’s chronic I have rosacea usually it’s fair-skinned
people from Ireland Scotland England Wales but you can get it anywhere in the
world and it causes flushing when you’re younger and it looks cute until you’re
about your 30’s when it starts to go down and then we see these blood vessels on
the skin but it’s not just about how it looks it can be very painful it can be
stingy burny if you exercised or had a glass of red wine
it gets really red really this is what Jay P Morgan and WC Fields with the
rhinophyma so there’s a lot of stigmatism that associate with alcohol
it’s not associated with alcohol it’s a genetic condition but the laser is by
far the best treatment because the laser goes through the skin heats up the blood
vessel destroys it it won’t cure the disease but that’s after one treatment
session they come back again 2 to 3 years later it’s much
better the pain is better they look better. Tell me about this one and what
we’re seeing here. This one’s really exciting so on the top of his scalp you
can see their scaly red spots those are called pre skin cancers some of those
can go on to form squamous cell carcinoma this is a one trick again most
of my patients you’ve seen today have had one treatment except for the
birthmarks this is called photodynamic therapy was invented to actually keep
alive our organ transplant patients because organ transplants patients will
die of squamous cell carcinoma but this prevents 80 percent of future basal cell
and squamous cell so if anybody’s had a basal cell or squamous cell this is a
great one and we’ve had several of my boaters and yachters that have come in
to see me have had 30 or 40 skin cancers over the last five years we’ve done one
or two of these and they’ve had zero skin cancers following PDT it’s a very
powerful underused tool. And to find those because a lot of people sometimes
don’t realize how serious those two are. Squamous cell carcinoma
there’s an 8% death rate of the head and neck it can be serious basal cell not
quite as deadly but can be very serious and who wants to spend their life at the
dermatologists were cool but you don’t wanna spend that much time and and
preventive is really the name of the game for all health right? And that’s amazing because not
only are you clearing them up but you’re being proactive in terms of preventing
that’s amazing. It is but a lot of people again don’t know about this.

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