ROACCUTANE (dying for clear skin)

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treatment theory is going to take the will to be treated privately in london’s holiday season is quite clear that well has reached points this fall that have been pretty chilly top so hot that his mom with two united
states really worried about him the idea of that someone didn’t win the
to anyone in the face that his physicality chains and he would
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him it definitely for the state of mind and even said that was it changed my life which is a serious seriously faith a
fifteen-year-old boy for knowing then it will have to preach to keep the baby
exactly at least progress lost on the street please get in private treatment i want
to find out what treatments are available in the n_h_l_ i’m meeting deeply disturbed by the
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the topic of the message to me is that by that i mean creams or even see
despondency and at at at at what they had it but that now say there are about two or three
different companies are going to buy a okay and you it starts with that one way to
get a feel of any side effects making quite a indicating after that there is that they think that
you tried to confidence i think we might start a scientific facts here but please don’t work there is a strong
the treatment available in the n_h_l_ the clinton fashion to juggle rail at
keep saying any be prescribed by a specialist dermatology for the right people you’ve got very
sick and i came back to spain is very effective and it has been thinking
yourselves say if you’re the right candidate for a
pricing campaign and he sees that she seems to sell it sends contents he
thinks it can help he and people come out saying that it has
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started really and insisted launching bypass and to kathy’s email hotmail recent and suicidal thoughts on the
status says undertaking when you’re young units may see a super lazy things going
on anyway doesn’t need changes i think he may speak to me passing as a
teacher nasty defending auspices twenty four-year-old jesse james just
described for accutane as a last resort the you’ve had that actually since he was a
teenager high-tech insists one agent illicit to
find out about jesse from his family and friends i’d like to know a what jesse was night as a teenager reviews more often balloons what’s important part in the too
uncomfortable with the platform east haven’t been may consent on the
nation forms means never still it was a with the seating in
something from london were you drinking twenty three-year-old lorraine jesse
said saying though that i think i mean what
jesse is life is about our why did you see slight too thinking specify melinda tx it title cabal like places that person say
fashion will suddenly sick nonsense intelligence sample at least
meantime sees a lesson actually out unisys rainy sunny in span st louis this
being a something he was there is a very happy active teenager but then you go acne hackneyed what do you think about it plus the swinging fourteen inches long splitlist and incentives that they can internet at a time how bad was it was a bit late night this afternoon it was who used to get it one or two received a standing beyond his years some suddenly for that any other always backing who can stand on its hands that you just
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pizza faced was mean but someone here insensitive not dot re the anyway it was
only a sense of what happened into everything to heart the athletes making depressed pornography dot upset us as well when you think she when you know nothing
seemed to memphis he went back to the doctor who they referred him to do with
politics and what to do in the politics recommended suggest the roof the drug therapy k in the summer of two thousand nine
american magazine united twenty three-year-old son jesse was taken by
lapd sent more about its possible side bangs uh… an it was during this time he started
dating a young woman from slovenia programmatic deal cost the meds angeles grasslands that justice
brennan having that working together esquire life span love starring yet intact yet and i could cause some it’s again a
hanging out with friends and then by the end of the summer you know something
lawrence he has ended his upbringing really interesting and span as this instant connection look at it k_l_m_ data and that essay was decisive she allowed and also that talent to you with three d
times in his assent for a long time i didn’t really and i a baptist highlands
any night among thirty after i’d mac and backed by
so dysphagia anaheim that he’s made a house loudest this is incredible here it that there it she started taking a second treatment
on demand senate-passed medications on uh… and i fall while you taking
medication the scandal expire him paint from dot about like to jog and side effects later on mind
clearly are in a relationship for all six months that you know descon
estrada popping up in his father reset cement at the beginning just in high
school in yuma common-sense told me to send really strong medication and s it seems a bit all of that you’re
taking it for something a car actually really see dot training is done i think some changes in
his character fears about three four months maybe
installation sad but it’s been a heated seizures maybe his confidence is getting
a bad parents medication he said when i started to make him feel
a bit different so when he was back on it i think thats part n cindy sorry sats
and when he did the respectable got review what worried about it and that kind of concealment and
baldness talking on the job in the summer of two thousand nine jesse told
examines what did you do then temperament year he want to come off today because of
meetings behind media manager admits does that stand idly by and i live on
the possible side effects is creating a whole range of dry skin and aids depression and suicide
of the old husbands i’ve got online to see what other people in saying about
where i keep saying cut off funding side-effects that
destruction and arts the it creep back maryland ground unique hi are free is so we need to see to it typing accutane into the search engine
of eugene because there’s so many videos about it seventy four the navy i strongly for any cases there
is a common citizen without awal about drug which i’ve never really had a fun thing
that’s really interesting it’s a it’s dated twenty two-year-olds definite he’s looking for a job in a county
jeannie define instead jess he’s also passion and the right to take
the exam today he’s going to be he hasn’t been able to hold down a job
long in the past like when i handed in mind that
essentially that’s when it was doing quite stressful and then often out
there and i kind of picked up a bit more outcomes is definite and south of narita
meeting alright that let’s see jenna and i think i i know you’ve got a
lot to say barrel accutane and when you decide to take a nap on a twist december two thousand five
and i are scheduled to take six months and i’m
stop taking among family ’cause hours really struggling with it at the time
and say i came off in may two thousand six in terms of clearing up the acne
accutane did its job back eight so when you say that used i’m struggling just
waiting to yourself off it what you name mainly the struggle that was i i had a few
physical side effects peninsula misread back isn’t that i had any form of
depression or anything like that and suddenly best-rated until i myself was really
angry and short tempered with people and uh… it kinda taking over in it was scary and i was feeling quite
suicidal points i fitted deaf and told me he still feels
depressed seven years after stopping taking out i keep saying the doctor
would be taxed seals the police the drugs is causing
another side-effects sexual dysfunction that place any possibility because
that’s gonna affect myself to see more than acting provided any other dying compelling images i used
to be one i wake up in the morning and it’s a slut and watching a film all yannick and i
don’t use get those feelings like yet dead inside our country or anything yet and of course fight another girlfriend
now i have to have to tell them all by the
way it doesn’t work for a plea not stepping jesse believes he was experiencing
series side effects many months after he stopped html accutane hamar you’ve been man-to-man godfather cloud by march two thousand and ten jesse
state of mind rapidly deteriorating and sent his relationship with them from
entering the hospital was about not being able to find the future reading kayla is lying make some kind of plans and with him it
was just impossible because he he would say allah say oh well we will
get over this and you know bihac a well i don’t think it’s gonna be okay and as
people saying this is a lifelong condition and that
affected by it forever when you’re with someone who takes up
politics here mental energy and takes up a lot of thought emotional intensity you need to go somewhere as well and
relates to someone and to tell them you know what you’re going for it policy that wasn’t the case and i just
breaking up in that sense was and everything one of the things that keeps coming up kind of came up with jesse story on
fighting about itself in is they say it’s an exhale graying yes and that you
will never get that uh… tennis is quiet unique touch with the press yet
emi i i’d fight back in itself interesting and very wiring handout you fail age twenty two in that all of these
things are happening series operating really horrible here are gonna be able to change yeah i mean
that one of the reasons i won’t see the show was really like the awareness needs
to be raise his whenever anyone has a vacutainer have headed toward the light out oppression that affects that is so
much more to add to that i’m free sets in one hundred percent
sure that they don’t waste erectile dysfunction of sexual
dysfunction on the label ding ding ding ding ding
ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding and i don’t know what to think that
never had since i don’t think i finances seth about hardly think that drug that’s
unisons there’s no documented ever since the
free practice please close his long-term side effects like depression and sexual
dysfunction basically that’s what stephan beliefs in by the end of two thousand and ten
twenty four-year-old jesse buffets psychiatrist and have been prescribed
antidepressant on the twentieth of february two
thousand ten pops and i have friends he went missing you found out she was missing always what what what’s in your life and while i’d say such a stainless when manifesto that just thought he was
completely drunk or something else conceded like n and stuff so i thought
insist standard friends of some things but many of our citizens in complained he’s just may hang first yes but for and fast jesse s timing ten o’clock on saturday
night by five betty said maybe derek impact the web comic extremely
worried and brenna always say mari from the twenty-four year
programming eat ecostore at which we we haven’t seen or heard bombings we’re getting a bit concerned ukraine it
really jeff c u who question can you just characteristic
u dedicated helped me yes origin i think i meet ministers you you character question okay eat paint very accurate fair are one campaign against it description for complimentary career and
to make sure that can meet her big break incredible notation terrible and mean what happened there convert the
substance and i don’t know post gal and the things that has nothing
but the links below sample the live backstage postcards lost hundreds of
local point is when the key to jesse jesse’s friends made any joined the
sentence there’s a lot of people with family
although i didn’t even know lifeguards where they should start there are no people v_ american fortunes winter have searching i think that general attitude of
certainly of the most blasphemous called positive ratings
require hopeful you know the whole thing yet another we’re always happy with them for much of
constructing everett depressing thing to do it with a cover in a massive issue with the army
differently here he was he was going to be involved
in is it that someone given uh… ha denied he was is never have that was in the sort of flowers person of the year that easy saying get out of the problem with
the acting together sharing eating at the about peace the site’s main where a
woman like you know that is that it was making depressed woodson united for him to sort of let’s talk
about things like that was because significant suppose because of
me reports dot sleuthing internet was playing a big part since
that’s the jesse his friend darren mosques might it’s
with the campaign a few days after he was reported missing for letting you behind a big to ad
campaign however that stuff admonished always at hotmail and uh… what makes her outlook and i
just felonies do some things that scene of the celebrities of re-trial of
course is helpful this is a good cause tried-and-true
retrieve this as well yet well i think they might think that people infected and basically i would say it my friends is gone missing could help have a great weekend united just remove wetness and i i think
it was a link to the uh… bought columbia website we neustine them
use the hash tag for jesse’s rosa if enough people w dot the trend list as
well favored a_t_t_ managed to get uh… and we have steven ferrari rules now the big names here today i may say business daily star is lighting so cctv thirty genocide i’m suggesting with
his friends on the nine women sting i’ve come to me safety she was with jesse on the stage and was one of the last people to see
him usually get home really make it fun i and having a lifetime david healing straight up in this really loved him make it as c_n_n_’s heading in that night how a contract if he was looking at what we
need our esteemed there it to the following humidity named making the natives interested me happy i a constant sunup happy birthday to third yes to u_n_ around here in the lives of
the and i’ve got another bob at hand the left hand conduit at that and then i’d have to plan system insist
on hands and something fun hangin subtext and to say company definitely
take it by anti-tobacco mideast r_a_f_ bohemian
uh… perhaps they collect my london’s hyde street will continue right in saying that this
companies that since below twenty two e restrained write-off instead his mom’s
jury has brought him down to london greenspan’s treatment so you’ll probably in this e-mail most of the and treatment maybe at the light with just lively ’til
like just calling phil warm just telling our c l_ soul itself sees that runs a private skin clinic she’s a change mass and studied in
america at the democratic invented this treatment fact meanwhile open until it is too destroying this bout any instance can so then they have all the the toxins activist and report made and
everything all that and thing the skin cells to
developing sees that uses a mix of chemicals that
enzymes in wales game he’ll need many more treatment straight
to work and handles that sees the creams at hyd a complete course cost eight hundred
pounds nextel is that little dead and the and stop the well this club enough that’s going on
and skin and n_b_c_ cement and into the skin cells to thriving what we will talk that for you will
really well and the visit last week and they didn’t have the sex of the
demand but the pain of constructivism force is fantastic and has seen a little killings at all they list something we are not the issue disease that bailey that makes a sheriff wells blood vessels
are you getting out of the oxygen and nutrients to the staffing and washing
away toxins that cause bacteria to develop and as we could actually is a is quite difficult life officers inside really tight aliya ones for the enzymes
on israel at collapsing obviously go we play them back into the army house building around sulcus phones abound building directions as though the distance that city and our worldwide by the office but but
it would deny the fruits of their does you frackie thank you all jesse’s actually
what price hispanic and even many taking a or about
the serious side effects associated with it in february two thousand and haven’t is
a crying successes safety create the missing facts when people
alice the police check school the cctv cameras
in the town center they found this great fifty two pm
cost-efficient chip shop at one thirty five a m they’re very few slides that night practice gospel funk deficiency itself he was caught on food constitution shop but not that was a lot
of money that he was at the scene two days after jesse get tickets the police are frustrated that i would
note that the sightings or leads to where he was they decided to let his computer and what they found shocks them grief and anand send to email discounts these drafts box nonsense he mailed to us patsy passing
myself on but just read a little bit does hello mom and dad has just wanted to say a few things by
even at that mike dish because i can’t seem to articulate much
interest in that movement mike depressed a suburban is nothing like i’ve ever
experienced before by just wanted to clarify this because i
know it appeared to be very quietly very seriously in the past but this is
different directly taking seems to change the way
my mind and body works in a big way by compared to bring myself to type its
name because i hate it sooner alongside along side is the email trail said fine the suicide many of the downloaded from
the internet i mean isolated secretive opportunities
to talk a little well my favorite letting them greta because i didn’t know we put in that email dennis ian to feel market and uh… must have been agonizing for derek and
patsy to read that you know and discovered just how down jesse was
speeding process to step up as the police would
now reading worried about jesse state of mind i want to find out more about the job
jesse was taking mail and you take an enemy describes my
examines what it is on back in nineteen seventy one that i’m away xeon dot the tiny she’s
one of the leading demonstrations in the u_k_ these emails it sounds more about our
accusation is possible side effects iraq’s main is former systemic
discrimination is proper to take you talked about thirteen obscene forty years ago uh… it has to be revolutionized our
treatment of acme effect the i suggest manages the chemical named for the drug
back back in britain is marked as as rocketing skin america is as market has
accutane luther brent what’s that reduces all production by nine percent
said tries to scam out you come what sports is dismay so get rid of those
plot polls it kills about two reduces information
circuits hackett at three point came home from his department the whole thing
with red tape his within four to six months the patient will be clear
response what he called partial is what’s on the
side effects and they can’t temples or whether they will then remain clear at
the spots so it’s almost a quick fixes and easy
option there also burn off the side effects
replace serious side effects that over michael look at you and say you’ll get
dry lips but you’ll be fine or are still kind of feel like death warmed up the event of a ship ever
heard of the drug four thousand interested in the press
them truck that suicide you can tell dot but i have a hard to say that in the
thousands of poor patients that reach into the rock chain i’d never have to
really bad side effect missile elegant repulsed by the effects of these what
she does he’s arrived at saint easels like-minded laser treatment for acting
in the u_k_ that’s essentially he believes it
produces good results blankets biggest but about nazi side effects of a skin the beauty of it is that if you have a bit of starring
the twenties republican as well concert with the list of and that’s why useful if you’ve got a good start for the king
of the lives and concern faces anteater viper treatment costs between one
hundred and twenty enviada transvestite and you may need several sessions is not widely available and and they
just because of the cost are activated and of course costs about a hundred
boats happens the nice people that works well hang
clothes on their skin brian here and then going corporate parent it’s like you know clarity she’s a big fan of right-wing lead in
the eighties there is some side effects last meeting moderate you have any him bringing are memorable from uh… monthly contact with an injury to
meet me and i’m going to make them and ballot counting at active betty and that your experience and white can anarchist i think i think
it about having at hand pathfinder at i thought if i can tell tell us about
policies and uh… i would say that fifteen
sixteen many of my face headlines go ahead there’s something else sold last
thoughtful parents want them focused and that is that in place i’m not success thing i think that i guess yet and find out what the recommended deciding on and on this thing their warnings about side effects fuck us up to the left side heads basket read about that knowing anything today it up by excel at something yet and i had a lot people want about this suicidal myself that’s it so i think a lot of people going south body image is exactly twenty two year
old chums problem he had a few spots on his back what you’re going through okay oak yeah golden that bob disneyland is the thing is that disney
pictures that means is that nothing visit judd’s bennett pants and john he’s got to figure out whose name in the
end of the dow’s in a very news that into the adult prison in
manchester that because if tests played football here everything i was in his life was pretty
much perfect division of the medicine in visual most
qualified just a few more wants to go seasons this year young beautiful girlfriend from her crazier h ever and ever even
talking about got married and you’re listening and wasn’t perfect
in his life was that he had a few spots on the back to me it hurt the marketing was just wonder drug that could get rid of acne when of the things
couldn’t so we actually made a mistake is going looking for work and with his medical training he must
have nine well and my detailed but outside of positive about the fact
that we can make it this far the f_d_a_ such a positive carson heated that there are a bit of a possible side
effect in he obviously dismissed sailors all i’ll
be fine when he is going out to me as a teenager
at the end i have to al daisy d say that the other depression was anything and let me go to hearing was
never complies zululand lindsay’s long with the groomsmen the linden for the children among fortunately for
the congress harshly uh… amytal at all actually trying to get a
bit more better insulated battening relationship couldn’t sleep and then you mentioned maybe you can
concentrate whose work i’m sure this is a medication ensuring access if you must
stop the medication so he went on and on december twelfth finished up their own generating dates
each doctor on thursday he started he mentioned first should and absorption sunday cost of everything that you’re feeling he’s been caused by natural accutane
michigan huntress one dash nine permission i’m going to do tomorrow
internation we had planned to travel up hotline and
pickups in length and really show it to you trabajar international women’s more able
safe to drive unfortunate ones tonight technician himself in the country jonathan believes the job that barry
specific effect on his son’s mental state racketeering known causes depression but
in the extremely causes circumcision shot caught a few things handed wish overstreet during one of the
cycle to give him shit tombs of his life image of identified in because she
wishes she should not be that you know and he wouldn’t you so much a member in a very humble way won’t she shud we
should talk about being a magic he should definitely should respond make
a difference are going to make it different visions he’s made it privilege but most of the just africa hash he can just go on and on you know of oakland fortunately soon enough to know caricature of market in uh… i think west into john’s death economies
and the vatican’s design the fact that john had daytona wracked
with pain was given as evidence no one could say conclusively a plate
high winds down and back in london i’m going to speak to
the medicines and health care products regulate treat agency and about a
rocking now the government bodies license drugs
and treatments begins in the u_k_ benefits the constitution all that it is
a highly effective treatment for severe acne that has failed to respond other
forms of treatment and over the years many tens of
thousands of people have had effective held for very severe acne just last year
week carefully checked out the big swedish study about depression which confirmed our understanding depression is linked with the severe
skin conditions such a sei cmmi that tends to get words as the condition gets
worse the risk is that during treatment with them as attachment that tends to
reduce mistreatment progressives checks value difficult having bad spots can make peace with the
president is jobs into a rough spots so many people you guys which of course i made him feel about
that there’s also a small ways that it may
make people feel really bad enough to be incredibly distressing the people it
does in fact among my way back to high street to see
how will it gains on so that if you will attend a sight to
see how to speak event see is that if they are ten a m how do you ka p how do you think it is the act so how anything that has been uh… they found and must have been like this latest
editor it faces a good friends after three months is a real improvement
will stand say father treatments cost four hundred
pounds he’s still got a lot to guide but he has an experienced any side effects what kind of take back the next day allied nineties nama outgoing and still thankful harry maclean
following him right now i’m just going that way
because i had about ninety and now with his mates mariel in another house all night long live the
finances respectively deciding again now it has a liberal leanings hair it was a bit sick all nights money suggest the second part is finding
stockton it was one thirty five a m portland cctv posse to distance itself no one knows what happened next of five days after he went missing
kerrigan packet on local news somebody nineteen thirty one one thirty we have turned off kept the door that
every current trends going you instantly when i opened the
door what has happened a newly knew it and he said he said to me uh… we found the body all-out innocent lives glad welcomed and i thought it was just you need something houses in ping ping
ping uh… canyon naman pretty sad from mattel jesse’s body was found that local beauty
spots nobody knows how he got mad it was in a row four-way for the whole thing to the whole thing
to end you know the teach us or darl armies tempe if if you look at it sensibly deputy was to blame initially you know he’s is absolute self looting was because he had that acne and uh… greedy effected in
very very violently so he had the actor me with blatant in the beginning but then inherited everything else that
drug directly to you need to look at a the old auntie to director and continued all rady once carolyn terrible try to and a half days sees an amazing fast and it has been making
friends i really loving special family so my eyes unbelievable that actually ended somebody’s life a roundabout way
there’s lots of different factors but that’s where all the gang that means wednesday thursday there was no mention of relaxing because
there were no witnesses to what happened the night nine immediately to suicide
nags karna returns it has been vetted here’s a_b_c_’s lisa with uh… that
after meeting young people who have take you know i can say and had from their families we wanted to hear what drug company had say about the
risks of taking them right now warning welch have agreed to have a
meeting with off and they will speak to me and parrot but i
think i met together but they won’t allow us to take the cameras and so when
i do know that fact of the twenty seven a half-dozen
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recorded his suicide they admitted that the cases suicide will be under the fourth day or not more than they actually get to hear that unit eight but they put not they’ve made several accutane calls for action thoughts of suicide that if a time they
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  • I've been on roaccutane for over 4 months, I have had no side effects, other than the common dry lips and face which most people get when on this drug. I have had no signs of depression nor suicidal thoughts. The thought of it causing depression is misjudged and it really isn't as bad as some people make it out to be. Yes, other people may get different side effects to one another, but when you are on this drug you visit your dermatologist or a specialist in this area every 2 months, who carries out blood tests and ensures you are ok when taking this drug. Personally, I think roaccutane is a good drug, used as a last resort to cure acne. It does a great job and I will soon be finishing my course of the drug. I suggest people who are suffering from severe acne and have been offered to take this drug, do take this opportunity to have it as it is a great cure if taken correctly.

  • My son was no depress wen he was taking Roaccutane in 1997 what Roaccutane was doing so many sides effects tha we think he well go wend he finish the treatment but stead he was damage his brain little by little until in April 2001 he was lost for 24 hours he say he can not finding are house and he was gone so far from were we live the police he say wen they finding, today after 15 years his brain is so damage he can not communicate can no go to walk by his self because he can not orientate he can not do nothing for his self I need to take care the him for 24 hours we the help the 2 carers for more the seven years now, no only tha in UK England can no get even justice for the damage they done to my son brain and health and all his studies he done before Roaccutane is been for nothing to finish like a vegetable what is for more the 15 years now.My son was 27 wend they prescribe Roaccutane they never tell us nothing about any sides affects in 1997 and inside and ouside the boxes no have any information about any sides effects they using my son like a rat like speriment because to then we are emigrants tha is wy they prescribe 60mgrs a day for nearly 6 months.

  • How many young people they say they comite suicide bud the tru is Roaccutane kill then they transtorn the brain so badly they no understand wy they fell so desperer to comite suicide.

  • Roaccutane make you fell like you want to fly like my son in Dec 1997 after finish the treatment the Roaccutane one day he say he fell like ouside the his body fell like sensation to fly and he jump 12 steps I have in my house I have witness wend he done tha and in May 1998 a young men jump from a  car park he was only 18 years old in Newport Wales England I have the report from the news papers even today and many pieces the news papers the many young people they take his own lives after taking Roaccutane. The old Forum Roaccutane Action Group disaper very misterios but I have save and I have printing many documentes the all people was writing for years.

  • I've had a great experience on accutane but I know that not all are as lucky. It's important that you tell your derm as soon as you start feeling more upset than usual. While it can cause mood swings there is a difference between felling a little down and feeling depressed. 

  • I can totally relate to this documentary and here I thought I was all alone! It's been over a decade and I'm still trying to fight this mental battle. My thoughts go out to each person and their families who had to go through this adventure together. I wanted to get rid of acne so badly that I took a drug that would have me trading the next decade for more sever conditions. Before I took Accutane I thought life sucked because I didn't have clear skin, and now I spend more time encouraging myself to participate in this life inside of hiding from the world, people, and living. Such a bummer! Hang in there my fellow Accutane-ists!

  • Just wondering Derek, did Jesse have to use many antibiotics before he was prescribed accutane? Because I have suffered with bad acne for about 3 years now and have made many visits to my GP in which they just give me an alternative antibiotic, although I have asked for accutane on numerous occasions. I'm surprised Jesse was allowed to use it because his skin looks pretty good in this video. A reply would be much appreciated.

  • My son taking Roaccutane in 1997 he was 27 years old he star to get confused after he finish Roaccutane my son he was loss for 24 hours in 1998 the police he funding wondering he say he can not finding are house he can not orientate from April 2001 he been affect his brain little by little, now he can not communicate Roaccutane he damage his brain. Now about me I am his mother I never take Roaccutane special wend I was pregnant with my son in that time Roaccutane no exist I am 66 and my son he is now 44 years old he take Roaccutane wend he was 27 years old am his brain was perfect before Roaccutane.

  • Roaccutane kill many young people and you can not denide this and many people they say they comite suicide I always tell on the old Furum Roaccutane action Group the disaperer very misterios and now we have the new, but wy the old Forum disaperer I tell you wy because a young men left writing his memory was faiding after Roaccutane and he say he can no continue in living after 3 days he comite suicide tha was in Us and the young men was no even 20 years old for tha time I stop visiting the Forum until I finding the new again. Sorry for my speling mistakes but English is no my language my language is Spanish but I living in England for 49 years .

  • what a horribly biased film, why doesnt this film cover the people who did try everything on the market, went to accutane and had their depression resolved.
    they spent like 30 seconds on the girl with purple hair but that is about it.

    the black girl never had severe acne that doesnt respond to treatment and she made a really biased film making people afraid of this low risk high reward drug.

  • It''s  truly a shame about Jesse ,he was a fabulous musician

  • It gives me psychosis like events in which it is very hard to see what's right or wrong. It's hard to get out of an episode, it almost cost me my life once because of suicidal tendencies.. It destroyed my relationship because the product destroys all you positive feeling of affection. You just want to see anyone anymore, by which the outcasting is accellerating..The depression haunts me and it does not seem to come to end as i am on the product for a year without the acne staying away.. At it best it clears it up but after one day without the pill tje situation is worsening already.. i can't take this poison for the rest of my life. it makes frustrated and agressive. because of the product. When people talk to me on my behaviour or the treatment i get incredibly agressive because i feel like a sick outcast.. i feel like being unlucky and people mocking at me because of that. one day this wil burst out and i don't think the consequenses will be good for anyone… it's being trpped between evil or the acne or the poison that will ruin you mentally and internally because it damages almost every internal organ. We cant forget this was initially developped for leukimia, skin cancer. And you don't have to be an doctor to now and see how chemotherapy drugs destroy the cancer alongside with the rest or your body

  • Long agonizing story short, Accutane ruined my digestive system and spine. Facing a colonectomy at 35, I was never sick before being prescribed this in my teens in the early 90's. I'm angry.

  • it is awful about jesse and i feel deep sympathy for his family, but the figures actually suggest the roaccutane helps with depression. i am currently using it and i am experiencing the common side effects but nothing too major and i hope it remains that way. but if the figures are correct, roaccutane actually majorly helps with depression. 

  • I love how people from the UK refer to their acne as "spots" lol.

  • honestly, i went on accutane when i was only 14 years old for severe painful cystic acne all over my face, back, shoulders, chest. Before then, i had tried every antibiotic. Unfortunately, we put our faith in the dermatologist.

    I was on accutane for 5 months and had PERFECT skin. not a SINGLE pimple. while i was on it though, i experienced suicidal thoughts and anger outbursts.

    HOWEVER after all that trouble and money… I ONLY STAYED CLEAR FOR 6 MONTHS.

    accutane was not the miracle cure for me at least.

  • Accutane itself is no longer prescribed because of the affects, at least in canada. Though the other meds are very much the same, they have changed the formula. i took it for 6 months, and a strong dosage of 80mg, which was super high. it for sure dried out my skin but depression wasnt an issue. i already have depression so they we were worried trying it but it didnt make it worse at all. i still get acne but nothing like i had. im looking into other minot treatments just to get rid of it once and for all. i was suggested chemical peels but theyre $200 and he wanted me on them once a month for the year. $2400 later, maybe not. 

  • what's the name of the treatment at 30 min????

  • So many fonts of misinformation.
    The majority of complainants against drugs and drug companies are conspiracy theory nuts,or people with a financial stake in suing the drug company.
    Accutane changed my life. I am going on 15 years taking it off and on. No major side effects except for dry skin and lips and no acne!!!!!! I also take it for sebhorartic dermatitis which it also stops. Nothing else on this planet i tried cured that. If you say you have a treatment for seborrhoea or acne that's not accutane prove it.

    Miracle drug attacked by people with an axe to grind.

  • Of course! the product isn't as good as advertised by doctor who don't know anthing about it because they never took it. in fact it is dangerous, hazardous rubbish!  I m still on it and so far after 1y and 7m i stil get breakouts… my face is orage and i get random cysts on my body, but not my face! Thank you accutane for ruining everything so far. It has shed half of my hair, it's just undiscrible trash: i gives my backpain, i get cold without no reason, i makes me depressed as hell, the only thing i want to do is lying in the bed. AND STILL PEOPLE ARE DENYING HOW DANGEROUS IT is… people around me who look it up, saying it's a miracle drug and crap like that. Unjustified. Why would they know? they never took it. so they should shut up about it. Those mafia dermatologists just gamble and see what is going to happen

  • You guys are lameasses. I'm on my second round of Roaccutane now, first was about five or six years ago, and it's a piece of cake. Dry lips, that's all. My skin is totally clear (it was for a few years after the first round), haven't had any depression, lethargy, nothing, and I work in a very busy environment where I'm on my feet moving all day, and have to get up at 4am or 5am some days. The very worst I can say might be attributable to Roaccutane is occasional periods of feeling sleepy, but that's happened like twice, lasted no more than fifteen to twenty minutes or so, and may just be because I'm really f-ing busy all the time. 
    I also know several people who've taken Roaccutane and been totally fine. Everyone seems to get the dry lips, but who cares? They heal after you're finished and it works wonders on your skin. Videos like this do no justice to the number of people whose lives have been changed for the better by Roaccutane. The medication comes with a pamphlet telling you the possible side effects, if you read it and took the meds anyway, then you knew what you were getting yourself into; if you didn't read it, you're an idiot and have only yourself to blame if you reacted badly to it. Either way, the vast majority of people who take Roaccutane come out of it much better than when they started, with clear skin and their self-esteem renewed. It's changed lots of lives for the better, and most people are really grateful and glad they took it, myself included.

  • I've just started using Roaccutane and this documentary is kind of biased. Many people only get dry lips as a side affect, and if you're feeling depressed then I was told to tell someone straight away.

  • Been on this roaccutane shit for 2 years, it's great. I no longer get acne and I never got depression. Anyone complaining about birth defects, just don't fuck anyone while your on it

  • I hope one day they will find a cure for acne and not something that has so much side affects like Accutane. It's a dangerous drug. 

  • My sister took accutane, finished jut a few days ago. It worked wonders, and she's fine now

  • If your depressed and start taking this drug, then I can understand that it might get worse while one accutane. Just started my first dose today actually. Very happy that I'm starting it.

  • Im on month…5? Mine was so bad they told me I would be on it for a minimum of 8 months. Best thing i've ever done. I only have some scarring and red marks now.

  • I'm on Accutane right now, not too many bad side effects luckily

  • dont take it

  • the doc that prescribed accutane for a few spots on that guys back should have their medical license revoked

  • I became severely depressed the first time in my life within a month after starting Accutane. I was only mildly upset about having acne. Never felt like killing myself or had fatigue, back pain, or a slew of other horrible symptoms because of acne. Unless your acne is a danger to your health, stay away from Accutane/Roaccutane.

  • So I took accutane at 40 mg for 7 months, and im fine (apart from folliculitis in my scalp which appeared after i finished the treatment). I feel fine, im not depressed nor have any permanent side effects. Now is this drug good for the body? obviously its not, but it isnt the "Devil" they want to make it seem, im getting sick and tired of people saying why are we obsessed with clear skin?

    Oviously you haven´t ever smiled and have it hurt, or wake up in the middle of the night with a shooting pain in your face cause you turned your head around on your pillow, or wake up to a mess of blood in your bed. ACNE IS A SKIN DISEASE!!! that causes stress, frustration, pain and low selfsteem, it affects your quality of life amongts other things.

    Only people who suffer it understand it, wanna go check on the suicides caused by ACNE? sometimes i stumble upon people who claim they live in hell "caused by this drug", I wanna ask you, what dosage were you on? for how much time? are you healthy? what sort of diet you had/have while you were on the drug, did you drink alcohol? maybe you had terrible health to begin with….

    Many of the horror stories from this drug come from it´s early days, were dosage wasnt really understood, people were being overdosed on it, they believed a higher dose would have higer chance of curing acne, but a higher dose all it does is create more problems and side effects for the patient, what matters is a cumulative dose.

    Now a days derms will prescribe lower dosage for longer periods of time, which are alot safer for the patient in terms of permanet damage to the body. Dont get me wrong the drug is powerfull and if mismanaged could create very serious problems.

    Accutane has helped alot of people, to make them happy and confident again, to be able to walk into a public place without feeling like a piece of crap.

  • How many more lives untill it's off the market!

  • These comments like "omg it ruined my life, I'm so depressed" actually make me question my sanity. Ffs let's get something's out here.. Accutane is a type of CHEMOTHERAPY. Still used today for Brain cancer, skin cancer and others. Maybe before taking it do some bloody research about it and actually see what all the possible side effects are. Just because the doctor has prescribed you this drug doesn't mean that he is going to bloody spoon feed you all the ins and outs of it! I also want to state with depression and acne are very much linked obviously but when you are already depressed due to the acne you find it hard to enjoy other aspects of life! So even if the acne got better doesn't mean your depression will just back it's bag and go! Prime example here. I've been depressed since 16 I'm now 21 and on accutane. Accutane has not made my depression leave but it's certainly not made it worse! People need to realise your putting an anti cancer drug into their body. THERES GOING TO BE

  • Nasty side effects. Again though if people weren't so arrogant and expect the doctor to tell them every frigging side effect and actually done a bit research themselves they wouldn't be moaning and blaming the doctors or the drug. Regardless if they give accutane to cancer patients in extreme dosages, it's still a type of chemo! I can't stress this enough. Also like i said previously ALL DRUGS are dangerous people die each year from paracetamol because it's fucked their liver and kidneys! It's so toxic! It's a gamble when you chose to put drugs into your body. No one forced you.

  • Another thing I will get the comments like " would you be saying this if your moods and depression got worse or you developed ibs or ibd?" YES. Because I chose to take that risk to get the crap of my face. I took the gamble. No one force fed me accutane. Also the comments "don't take this drug" there's millions of people out there where nothing but good came out from taking accutane. The people who are ill down to it.. Stop saying how brutal the drug is. Just because it made you ill doesn't mean it will make every bloody person ill. Fml people are stupid.

  • I want to go to a dermatologist but my parents don't want to take me /. my skin looks like crap and I want to stop it before it gets worse but I have no idea how

  • a girl told me I should try it…red flags popped up for me as soon as she said"monthly blood tests" im happy ive done my research

  • my brother killed himself of this drug.
    please don't take this drug

  • first hand experience accutane has ruined a friend's digestive health, hormones, and psychological health

  • Accutane cured my depression, personally.

  • My skin looked great after accutane but it doesn't last.

  • I'm glad my mom said no to this drug to the dermatologist when I was a teen. I have some scars now and I still get acne in my 30s and now I also possibly have rhinophyma (where the skin on the nose grows and hardens and sebum gets trapped in the pores). I've just accepted this and I won't put myself at risk for these possible serious side effects for a bit of vanity. It makes me look more rugged anyway.

  • I'm not going to deny that Roaccutane sounds really dangerous. Not only does the suicide and depression scare me but even just joint pain/liver damage side effects. But anything is a risk like for god sake. Every day in your life could be your last day. You could walk along the road and get run over the next second. You don't see cars being banned after car crashes do you? I personally think they shouldn't ban isotrenitoin, I think they should focus on doing research in prescribing it to people who they can tell will be successful with it. I'm aware they reasearch fully into the patients medical and family medical history. I think they should (in the future) try and find new ways to tell how it affects one person and is successful for the other.

  • Guys look up the side effects for most medications, the list is endless !
    just because someone experiences hair loss, muscle pain etc does not mean you will !

  • I am on my last month of accutane, and I have not had any feelings of depression/suicide whatsoever. I am on 60mg and have been for 5 months. NOT EVERYONE GETS SIDE EFFECTS. That is a common fact with every drug out there! My skin is amazing and I'm feeling more confident that ever before! Please don't change your mind about taking this drug from watching this video! I know many people who have been on accutane and it has worked brilliantly and not one of them had experienced depression whilst on the drug. DO NOT GENERALIZE! Just because someone may have experienced awful side effects does not mean that you will. And if you start to feel any sort of changes in your moods/feeling then stop the treatment immediately, it's just common sense.

  • that one guy with bad skin i want his hair style and his cloths 4:20

  • I took accutane last year, and all of my acnes are gone. I dont feel any depressed when using it or after using it.
    Or maybe I play games too much xD I can't even feel a thing.

  • I took this drug on quite a high dose. I was very lucky in that I did not experience any of the major side effects that others have. I do recommend this drug however I think you have to think long and hard about the consequences that you could have to face and make sure that your family and friends are aware of it so that they can look out for changes in you as well

  • Your brain is made up of fat and water largely so what do you think when this drug dries up fat in the body?

  • I just finished Myorisan (accutane) and before taking it I was depressed and stuff and during it I never felt depressed because of the drug and the only times I ever felt depressed was problems with friends and school things. By the end of the course other than my lips being dry I had no fear of talking to people and now I strike up conversations about anything with anyone and people seem to be friendlier to me, partly because I make eye contact and such now. The only physical effect I experience (other than dryness) is some twitching in my elbows and upper leg to the knee. I have been a bit sore when running but it is never a major problem

  • on the real, it honestly seems like the brand roaccutane causes the most problems. almost all of the cases I've see. are from only roaccutane

  • Roaccutane permanently changed me. I had a huge huge severe suicidal depression towards the end/ just after taking it (it was a huge depressive blur so I can't even remember). I've had on and off depression for years since. I feel like my brain doesn't function the same since, motivating myself to do work is near impossible. I'm not my old self and it's about 5 years later. It's so hard to explain but I feel like my brain is not completely working. Lucky I'm usually fine depression wise now because I'm a strong person, but I get down easily, and I feel like my creativity has died. Don't take this drug.

  • Acne itself cause suicidal thoughts.

  • whats the clinics name on Harley street ?

  • looks like companies making skin care product hate this drug so much

  • My brother and I took Accutane. As far as I know, he never contemplated taking himself out, although his side effects were worse than mine. He was one of the unfortunate people with dry skin and acne. About a month after I started taking the drug, a woman asked me if I had been in an accident. That was a low point. Despite what I went through for six months, I would definitely take the drug again. No one should have to bounce from one antibiotic to another, waiting for that magic bullet.

  • Just recently started taking Roaccutane, after feeling horrible about my self-image for 4-5 years, I've had enough of putting myself down. Although I've only been taking Isotretinoin for 1 week, I have faith that it will help me with my acne. So far, I have only experienced dry lips, slightly dry skin and a very mild headache (which I'm not even sure is because of Roaccutane. But nothing Ibuprofen can't handle). Obviously I'm hoping I don't develop more severe side effects like depression or suicidal thoughts. I havent 100% made up my mind on whether I'm for this drug or agaisnt it. It's very controversial. But I'm at the point of giving ANYTHING a try to help make me feel better about myself. I've done a lot of research on it before I even made a decision and most videos I have watched seem to have a positive outcome. There were some who stopped the treatment early and said they didnt like it, they werent handling it well, but hey, Isotretinoin just wasnt for them. Not everyones bodies react the same, whether they are taking the same drug or not. It doesnt mean Isotretinoin "should be banned" or is "a drug from hell". It just didnt work on some people and had a negative outcome for them.

    I've seen comments like "You were just depressed before you started the drug then, there are no links to depression from Isotretinoin". Bullshit. For one, you probably don't know that person. They might not have been depressed AT ALL before they started taking the drug. I dont think its coincidental that after many people started taking the drug, they became depressed. Believe it or not, it can have a very negative effect on people. Depression/ Suicidal thoughts arent listed as a possible side effect for shits and giggles. Theres obviously some sort of link for it to be listed as a side effect. Keep in mind this documentary was made a few years ago. They probably have done more research and found that there was a link. Plus in the documentary where they visted Roche they might not have admitted it was a link to depression (or they didnt know) but they didnt deny it either.

    Every drug has its risks. Fact. Every time you take an Ibuprofen you're increasing the risk of a heart attack, stroke, damage to intestines, etc. And all NSAIDs can cause irritation to your stomach lining and can even cause your stomach to bleed. Every drug has risks and possible side effects. This one just happens to have more. But not EVERY ONE is going to get depression/ suicidal thoughts, etc. If you feel it's best for you to NOT use Isotretinoin, thats your decision. If you feel that it IS best for you to use Isotretinoin, again, YOUR decision. There's no Right or Wrong choice, theres pros and cons to this drug, just like there is with almost every drug.

  • It's a bad reputation for dermatologist if he can't or doesn't know how to clear someones acne. And Accutane is simplest "solution" – Yeah i use " because it's not a solution it's postponing your hormone levels until they get under control (ussually in mid 20's). And today my dermatologist said to me literally this "Take this or you will look like (she named local politician who had acne) and that doesn't look nice, i woudn't let my son to walk with acne like that around the world…". And i thought fuck her, fuck this fucking society and walk out… Imagine that, trying to shame and scare you to start using chemotherapy drug for acne. I have them for so many years that i don't care anymore, but that way of thinking really make me to question myself about people.

  • I don't understand why people become so negative towards Accutane (Isotretinoin). People are warned about the side effects and they sign a waiver claiming that they understand that they might have a negative reaction to it. If you have depression before taking Accutane and are aware that Accutane can cause depression… DON'T TAKE IT. It's as simple as that. No one is forcing you to take it; it is purely up to you. If you think you're reacting negatively to the drug, talk to your doctor and get off of it. Every drug has side effects. There are plenty of other drugs that have worse side effects than Accutane. Anything and everything can be bad for you. Everyone reacts differently. Many people praise Accutane for making their skin incredibly clear, and are extremely happy because of it. On the other hand, some people can become depressed and irritable due to factors in their life and previous depression. Depression can happen at any age and any time; many people can hide their depression really well.

  • i took this and after 6 years still have problems with depression and guess what, the acne came back full force a year later when i stopped. It fucked with my liver too, it's not a cure for everyone but if it worked for you congrats

  • There are a lot worse problems then acne, I know from experience.

  • I know there is a better subject to discuss, but is the song Jesse sang at 11:54 by another artist and if it is what is it called?! Hats off if he composed it himself!!!

  • This is so very sad. Thank you for making this documentary and for sharing your stories. I am so glad I watched this. I have excessively oily problematic skin and two dermatologists have suggested Roaccutane. I don't have severe acne by any means, and was surprised this was a viable treatment option. I have had the.blood tests but have had reservations because of side effects. Now my mind is made up, I will not be putting this poison into my system.

  • For those who genuinely think the link between Accutane and depression is weak or unproven, please note that at least 5-6 different pathways that Accutane affects have been implicated in depression. I have compiled the information in a video entitled "Everything WRONG with Accutane." I am just trying to educate, as my life was destroyed by this drug.

  • I'm going to start on accutane next year, I'm aware of all the side effects. I've been researching and reading about it for years before coming to this decision. but I'm at a point in my life where I've exhausted all means to be rid of it and I'm ready to take the risk to feel comfortable in my own skin once again. to all the people out there going through acne, I want to send all my hugs and kisses in moral support.

  • i just started taking it 3 days ago, reply to this comment months down the road and ill tell you how its going. should be 4-6 months treatment. the suicides is not a big deal, of course people who think they look horrible and are bullied are going to have higher suicide rates. thats correlation not causation. mine is a more mild case

  • @Dark Mist you ought to be ashamed of your messages. What a disgusting, insensitive little cretin you are. Grow the fuck up!

  • This video is not a 'scare story' as some have suggested. People have committed suicide as a result of taking this medication and their families are talking openly and honestly about their experiences. Show some respect!

  • I was offered Roaccutane by a private derm but decided against it. My skin is not great but I don't have severe acne. They offer this stuff to people like me who don't necessarily need it because it's business. I would have to pay £500 for a course of Roaccutane and fork out for further costs to see a derm for review appointments and have blood tests. Roaccutane is a powerful drug and can lead to a whole load of physical health problems. Even if they don't surface immediately while you're on the pills or for sometime afterwards, they will surface eventually. It can cause liver damage, permanent eyesight damage and reduce bone density. In my opinion it's not worth it. It's a game of Russian roulette. There are no guarantees and you risk serious irreversible side effects. The results of this drug are not necessarily permanent either.

  • 9 years post accutane and I hate it so much.

  • The things is we've been brain washed. Your one of a kind with or without scars or deformities. A piece of the sun infinite vibration unconditional love dreaming. Its about enjoying this physical and everything about it positive and negative because its one energy yesss.

  • I used to have extreme acne, and technically I still have it, the cystic type…I'm 28 now, and I'm able to keep it at bay by eating healthy, no dairy, no gluten, just fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats…I'm so much happier now and had no idea diet had a lot to do with my crazy acne

  • My course is at 10mg for 6 weeks only. I'm 1 week in!!! Is it too late to stop?????

  • Scaremongering once again! I hate these kinds of documentaries that aren't informative or representative of both positive AND negative cases. Such an agenda.
    I've been on 10mg a day for the past month for mild but persistent acne (I'm 26) and it's working wonders.
    I think the main thing that needs regulating more is the dosages! taking 40,60,80+ mg a day is way too much. A lot of studies have been shown that lower doses for a longer period are just as effective and not as damaging or likely to cause dramatic side effects.

  • Fuck this video! Show how this drug has changed people lifes by getting rid of their acne forever!

  • I used accurate and I have had exfoliative chelitis since. My lips peel every day and crack constantly nothing works and Ive had this problem for 9 years now. its saddening

  • Acne is your body telling you something is wrong that you are full of toxins if you really want to heal yourself go on a raw food or juice cleanse.

  • An ending fitting for the start, we twist and tore our love apart.

  • I have severe acne and i was about to take this drug until did some research bout it. Its crazy how many side effects it has, literally 60 or more side effects. Iam happy i did not take it, there is another cure for acne called face cupping as known as hijama. What they do is take out your toxic blood out of your face and it literally cured my acne.

  • I personally had really really bad acne on my face, chest, back, neck etc. Got the absolute shit ripped out of me by peers for it in school, had it for about 5 years in total. Would be embarrassed when I'd for instance wear white shirts and a spot would pop and get blood on it. I won't lie I got super depressed from the acne alone, took so many meds that did fuck all for me.

    I did hear about Accutane before but my mum wouldn't let me go on it because she read it messes with your liver. When i hit 18 I went to see a dermatology doctor and he mentioned Accutane, I said fuck it I'm going on it. Sure my mood did swing a lot during the 6 months I was on it but I was already depressed before. Now 5 years after coming off it my skin is so clear its unbelievable and something I'm thankful for every day now.

    I can't thank the company who made Accutane enough personally as their drug gave me my life and confidence back.

  • The sexual sides, – are they worth the risk?

  • 14:41 Anyone who calls somebody “pizza face” should be hung.

  • This is a beautiful documentary 😙

  • There’s something called precautions, no one should go through with any medication without looking through the side effects and components of it. Banning it isn’t gonna be the better resort here, you don’t see doctors banning high risk surgeries that could save someone’s life. Accutane could drastically change someone’s life, I personally I’m on the drug and I feel more confident with my skin. What you should be banning here or consider banning is a society that values perfections and shoves it down people’s throat.

  • Iv been on it for 9 days now. My lips are very dry and puffy but my skin hasn't peeled yet. I can feel that it is less oily and I haven't had a major breakout that I would usually have right not. Not to much improvement yet but Il have to see by the end of the month and the months to come
    And I'm the same way. I can't look people to the eye. Parents, teachers, friends, strangers. And it has to be awkward for them too, especially teachers. The only person I do look in the eye too is my twin sister, she has acne to but we have different kinds of acne. We are both on Accutane

  • Isotretinoin will change your mental state and cognition in subtle ways. You will never be able to notice it unless it's too late or if you've been clearly explained what could happen

    But even then, it's so hard to describe mental shifts that you won't be able to recognize yourself in them.

  • Acne is humiliating and debilitating . Accutane is the most reliable treatment. If you don't take accutane, you run the risk of extending the time you suffer from acne and increase the chance of worse scarring.

    I highly recommend everyone go on accutane and ASAP. The earlier you treat it the less longterm damage there will be to your skin.

    The damage acne does to skin is severe but nothing compared to what it does to people socially. At a critical time, it impairs social functions, induces depression and has lifelong damages to people's personalities.

  • Is he ok now? Any update bbc ?

  • Please support your kids while on accutane please

  • day 19 of roaccutane

  • I’m 14, and I used to have severe acne and depression at age 13. I went on accutane this year, and my depression is gone and my skin is clear. Personally accutane was a miracle for me. I know that accutane can cause life long problems but for me I just think, I’m here for a good time not a long time, and I don’t want to spend my life hiding my face and suffering inside. Also my acne used to be very painful for me, even touching my skin was painful

  • Accutane is just a large dose of a vitamin A synthetic. There is no medical evidence that it causes ''Depression''. The people who become depressed on Accutane are just mentally defective to begin with. What losers. I took the drug in 2013 and it was the best decision I ever made.

  • God bless those with acne we need more research and development in acne. Correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that the reason we aren’t looking for fully effective ways to eradicate acne is because acne skincare products make such massive profit. (Yes sounds very similar to the “cure” for cancer theory I know). It’s sad but till we find a cure let’s keep our hopes hope and stay strong!

    Tips: look at hormonal imbalances but also look at your gut health. Often those who have failed antibiotic courses their gut bacteria has become corrupted and thus need to rebuild their gut health. Perhaps through probiotics but of course be careful and seek medical advice. Perhaps not always the NHS who look for cheaper solutions like lethal Accutane – possibly see some affordable and appropriate private solutions. Mainly just know no matter how bad your acne there is more about one’s self than their faces, backs or chest.

  • Roche is a psychopathic corporation. Please avoid them and their products.

  • IMO life with acne and fully functioning body is way better that life with no acne and brain turned into mash potato, ED, hormonal imbalance and whatnot…

  • Great treatment for acne:

    It actually isn't necessary to wash your face twice a day. You should wash it at night. Washing it in the morning doesn't really make sense, because it's relatively clean and you're stripping your face of the natural oils. Using a face tonic in the morning should do 🙂

    That thumbnail is the first time I've ever seen anyone photoshop a pimple IN to a picture haha. Great vid mate.

  • I like that they are shining a light on the issue thanks

  • Acne is a curse!!!!

  • You can believe what you want but Accutane doesn't cause depression. Poorly controlled acne does. Unfortunately some people let their teens acne get incredibly severe and continue on for several years before taking them to a dermatologist. You incur years of depression, self hatred and negative comments from people. I had acne since 11 and severe acne at about 14 – I was not able to see a dermatologist until I was 18. Accutane was prescribed and my skin was completely clear after 8 months on the drug. Never did it return. My depression was gone when my Acne was no longer there.

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