Review Ngọc Giàu sau khi điều trị mụn, Thâm mụn tại Hiền Vân Spa I bài 334

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel Today, I will do a review on this customer She has been treated 7 times This is her 8th treatment She used to have a lot of acne, used a lot of acne products but it was not effective Her skin was irritated and itchy. She felt uncomfortable She has affected many pimples and left many bruises I will show you her pictures before the treatment She has lots of acne on her forehead a lot of bruises Currently, she has not used non-metallic technology to treat bruises. She just used E-light technology, nutrients E-light technology supports inflammation At home, she also uses masks and nutrients to restore skin Currently, her skin is very strong Her chin area has a lot of dark spots, now it has been greatly reduced a lot of bruises After treatment, these bruises fade about 40% I advised her, after removing 80-90% acne, she should use nonmetal technology If using that technology, it will fade the bruises 90% Previously, her skin’s elasticity was very weak, but now, it’s very good We will compare her left cheek There are many bruises here It’s very grainy, but now, it’s smoother How do you feel after 7 treatments? Client: I feel the skin has become better Client: after tet holiday, there will be some acne During the Tet holiday, she acted on it and darkened it How do you feel your skin in today ? Client: my skin is very healthy Client:In the past, my skin was weak so when I walked in the sun, my skin turned red Do you know the treatments, which Hienvan spa has used to treat you? Client: take acne, mask, E-light… nutritional supplement How do you feel about E-light technology? Client: I feel like an ant is biting my face skin Now, we will look at the right cheek She shared with me, after Tet holiday, some acne appeared That is perfectly normal. Her skin is still undergoing treatment and recovery She acted on some and left bruises This cheek has a lot of bruises When irritated, the skin is very red and rough You can see clearly, the skin is very rough After 7 treatments, you can clearly see that her skin has become smoother Acne has been reduced by 80-90% I will continue to treat her Today is the 8th treatment This is the result after 7 weeks of treatment. She will treat once a week Currently, her skin is very strong and elastic This is an actual image, I pledge not to use any editing software I recommend that, when you have acne, do not treat yourself at home do not buy acne treatment products, which are not originated, non-branded, not licensed by the government Should research the treatment methods carefully to find the best method for you She shared that her friend had been treated at Hienvan spa and introduced her to Hienvan spa for treatment How do you feel about Hienvanspa’s commitment ? Client:She feels assured of commitment Why do you have so many acne and bruises? Can you share them with everyone? Client:Because I use sunscreen, which makes my skin allergy appears full face Client:I waited for it to reduce allergies, then I went to Hienvan spa for acne treatment Client:In the 1 month of waiting, I have a lot of impact on acne and left bruises She learned Hien Van spa via facebook

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