Hien hello all of you💕 Today, Hien would like to review a customer who has treated acne and has used a non-metallic method to treat acne and bruises at Hien Van spa. Before coming to Hien Van spa She has treated many places but not end In addition, her skin has dark spots and hidden acne So much her skin got weaker and weaker and on Facebook she learned about Hien Van spa She went to Hien Van Spa and received advice and she decided to treat acne. During the treatment of acne Hien advises that if your skin is seriously injured Without nonmetallic, the skin’s ability to recover is very slow When the skin recovers slowly, you are more likely to get acne again and she decided to non-metallic two cheeks she does nonmetals once and after a month and a half she comes back for skin care Maybe she thinks she’s beautiful skin so she’s lazy to come Hien😂😂 either due to busy work, and the face with no acne nor anything to go And often you worry if nonmetals make the skin thin or weak We will see her skin before treatment Here is a picture of her skin before treatment Before treatment she had acne, bruises and mild scar when treating acne she only knew Hien via facebook so she really worried, it was a general mentality maybe the mentality is that Hien treatment others end but you don’t go away Everyone worries like that, not just your customers When the treatment is fine,The spa has advice for her non-metallic two cheeks We can see that her cheeks are dark and inflamed for nonmetal methods such as Hien commitment after once will tightens 20% to pores If the bruise is new, it will end be 90-95% after one treatment 90-95% off after one treatment, so if anyone is worried non-metallic method is thin, weak then Hien is committed Non-metal super point method Hien is 100% effective there is no case skin is thin, weak or allergic Any non-metallic skin is also very healthy and beautiful These are both of her cheeks Her skin is very much acne hidden and weak due before to her improper treatment so acne hidden and intensive a lot This is her whole face This part is very much acne bran and oil Most of you who know Hien are recommended by relatives or Facebook Hien really does not have enough conditions to advertise😂😂 Hien’s guests are mostly relatives they recommend many Now I look at her skin after the treatment My name is Ngoc Tuyen Hi, when you do non-metal , how do you feel about that method? I think the effect is very good People often worry that the nonmetal method will be thin, weak and thorough do not go out into the sun, How do you think about Hien’s non-metal method? I still work, work normally and don’t get caught in the sun a lot After nonmetals you see that you skin bruises decreased by what percentage about 80% Do you see the tightening of pores? yes How is your skin healthy? yes When you make nonmetals, do you feel weak or catch the sun? No, I still have a normal life still going to work, going to normal school you can see after the nonmetal, she returned to the spa one and a half months late properly after nonmetal , the spa will take care of the skin for the customer one more time, but she have beautiful skin so you probably don’t need it, to save a month and a half later to come back😂😂 You can see her skin is very healthy now Let’s look back at the original image Her skin has hidden acne, inflammatory acne This part has signs of scar formation, for such new scars I do nonmetals it will fill a lot but For Long-lasting scars en you use this method, the first is grinding rim remove the bottom of the scar, prick scar, nonmetal That means when your scar is white, it’s been a long time The most effective scar treatment we can use is four methods grinding edge,remove the bottom of the scar, prick scar, nonmetal When scarring is new, it is easy to treat When the scars are long , we have to do a lot of such steps cost a lot of time and abstinence is also very long for new scars like this when your nonmetals are very effective when nonmetal Not only end all dark spots, scars tighten pores, smooth skin, even skin tone nonmetal one time We will cure six diseases The first is about 90% -95% bruise second tight pores 15-20% Treating problem of red veins floating on the skin Acne treatment and restoring weak skin Treatment of brown spots, freckles Treatment of dark spots After a month and a half, she returned to skin care Very healthy skin non-metal method in Hien you still work normally do not catch the sun

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