Review Friendship 755-2 | HALFLONG PIMPLES | #tabletennisexperts

In today’s review I was testing long pimples out called 755-2 to by friendship, it is designed with new formulations and precise practical structure and created a new style of half long pimples Pimpled rubber is small dense easy down. The rotation is strong. The speed is fast The return is very fluid it acts as a defense against loop drive and is specifically designed for Affection strange ball feeling as well as the pursuing defense and counter-attack technology player The rubber looks solid and well made. First thing that I noticed about this rubber is that it’s really forgiving for a new players. The amount of spin you give really depends on how you play. If you Give enough acceleration to your move, you can generate a lot of spin. Those pimples were really fast in comparison to the others I have used in the past. The no sponge version of the pimples give a fair amount of disruption to the ball I think that the pimples were rather soft. I think that the only weak point of those rubbers were that the quality of cut from the under spin ball isn’t that high It acts really well on playing from second zone I would recommend this rubber to wide the spectrum of players from chop blockers to classic defenders Then no sponge version was acting really well close to the table while chop blocking the ball had a lot quality and gave a fair amount of disruption I won’t be using this rubber because I recently changed my style and I’m playing short pimples out So the fun factor about this rubber is that you can experiment or change your playstyle a lot I hope you enjoyed the video you can watch my previous videos on the channel leave a like and subscribe

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