Review DUY QUANG 17t Đến Từ Kiên Giang Sau 4 Lần Điều Tri

Hello everyone, welcome to my channel Have a nice weekend If you have ance or freckle,You should treat them soon There are 61 days left until Tet holiday The previous day, I checked the calendar 61 days is still enough for us to traet ance and welcome Tet Although you have a lot of ance ,you still have from 4 weeks to 6 weeks to take care of your skin so as to welcome Tet If you have fewer ance, you take 2 weeks to make your face beautiful Today, i am reviewing customer’s result after 4 treatments Customer comes from Kien Giang ( Province in Viet Nam ) Kien Giang is very far from Ho Chi Minh City After 4 treatments, His result is very wonderful Now, Your skin relatively clean inflammation ance Your face skin is more healthy before Name ‘s customer is Duy Quang, he is 17 years old. I am showing the picture before and after treatments In puberty, young people often have a lot of ance Some parent don’t how to to save your son ‘s skin, so we need to find a prestige spa to treat ance before everything become bad He has a lot of ance… From time to time, some parent think that in puberty, ance will automatically disappear, so as to don’t treat soon But ance doesn’t automatically disappear We must treat and take ance clearly now, his ance decreases 70-80% we continue to take ance Add to serum to regenerate cells and restore skin Help to shrink pores and treat weak skin also deep scars you can reference in hienvanspa’s facebook or youtube so as to watch process treatments alsco result which hienvan spa bring back When we treat, I advise you to choose right therapy and exactable technique plus good serum While we are treating, we need to combine high-tech machinery and cosmetics Treatment is definitive and dosen,t recur When you treat ance un hienvanspa, you have one warranty.With warranty, you can clear your skin once a month ( free) I am preparing to take ance This boy went to hienvanspa in Ho Chi Minh city from Kien Giang.He took 5 hours to hienvanspa by his motobike He is saying that He was satisfied with result after 4 treatments.I am happy and thanks for your supports He says that where he lived , many spa treated ance and He spent a lot of money to treat but final result wasn’t good so he determine to go hienvanspa In this section, yesterday there were many acne but today has been helped For this acne if we do not have the technique, it will make the capsule become worse and worse Today is the 5th session of him The surface of the skin is very smooth but there are lots of pimples underneath Thank for your watching, see you again in next parts

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