Hien hello everyone Today Hien review a customer have been suffering from acne, inflamed acne perennial He is in the age of puberty he has severe inflammation because he squeez acne so it’s very deep inflammation, often deep inflammation so we open pores and form scars a lot The first is that he goes odd Later, he decided to follow the package treatment Later, he decided to follow the package treatment After package treatment, I have to advise him Using non-metallic method to restore skin and treat pores if treatment acne is done, the pores are large, The skin there is weak which we do not recover the skin is weak when you go out Smog or eat spicy food and stay up late we can relapse the acne right in the weak skin when I treat my acne Hien usually advise you to use the method Nonmetal to restore the skin It will improve the new scars It will improve on pores very well It is important that it restores that skin meaning Hien helps it to increase cell proliferation new, it will replace old cells There are new healthy cells When the skin is stronger, it will fight inflammation, It has no acne during treatment how long after acne all you work non-metallic when you finish around 5-6 months then he have condition make nonmetals scarring support but mostly about pores When non-metallic acne treatment is complete you should You should treat tightening pores In almost every area he make nonmetal does not have acne So when treating acne You have to treat all, do not treatment halfway many of you treated it halfway and said it didn’t go away or the improper treatment does not go away Now, let’s take a look at his skin This is his skin before package treatment This is a picture of him at the second odd treatment, for the first time he had acne more

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