Hi everyone, welcome back to my channel. Today’s video
is going to be another video in my Bay Area Beauty series. Today we’re going behind the
scenes of a really innovative company called Dear Brightly. I’m excited to
share a little bit of my experience with the product, just how it’s revolutionizing things. I’m sitting down here with Amy who’s the CEO and Co-Founder of
Dear Brightly. Can you tell us a little bit about the company and what you guys
are doing? Yeah so the company we launched last March, but we had started working on it well before then, which in 2017 is when it was born. So my
co-founder, Alda and I, we both met in a previous job, we were both software engineers,
and we instantly gravitated towards each other because there are very few women in
the engineering org. Some common things that we talked about a lot are obviously like
engineering something that really interests us, and then also skincare because we’re big
skincare people. So for example, I’ve been putting on sunscreen since I was 13,
because my mother always told me to. How we got to start talking about this is
both of us have been using prescription grade retinoid for many years.
It’s a product that we very much depended on. It’s kind of like how we
think of sunscreen for the day, we think of a retinoid for nighttime for us. We
were wondering why this essential product was so difficult to get,
basically. For example it took me about a year to get one. Honestly it was just a
really difficult thing to get, and so all Alda and I were like, “well how can we make
this easier?” We deeply understood the problem and faced it, and so we’re like how can we make this easier, how can we make this online,
especially in such a digital world. We’re both software engineers, like we
can definitely build this. It’s difficult to get because you have to find a
dermatologist. That takes time. You have to book with a dermatologist, and I
remember the first time I ever booked with a dermatologist, she was not taking
any new patients, and so I had to find another one. And then on top of that, when
I actually went there I realized that they weren’t seeing me for very long. It was I think five to ten minutes of them seeing me in person. They weren’t touching my skin or anything like that, but it was all to get you know evaluated for prescription-grade retinoid because
I knew of all the benefits. And then after I had to go pick it up at a
pharmacy, and honestly just took a bunch of time because it was on weekday, I had
work. I think everybody can relate to that, the medical industry as a whole is
just kind of pain. I mean it’s amazing though because like we need doctors, we
need dermatologists, like they’re super important for our world, but for
something so simple as like a prescription-grade retinoid it was
very difficult, and so Alda and I wanted to build this service for people like ourselves. What’s been your experience? I’m just curous! Oh my gosh, it’s kind of embarrassing, don’t judge me but you know being really into YouTube and
following bloggers for years, and I also follow bloggers abroad and a lot of them
mentioned how they can get a prescription-strength
retinoids over the counter in other countries such as in Europe, Mexico, and
Asia, and being that I love to travel I made a point on a Europe trip a couple
summers ago to go to a pharmacy and pick up Retin-A, essentially. And I was with
my friend who’s Finnish and she helped kind of communicate and interpret with
the pharmacist there to help me grab what I thought I wanted, but when I
finally eventually got home with it, I was too freaked out to use it because
the directions were all in Finnish, I couldn’t really use Google Translate just with like medical jargon. Also with the percentage, I
thought it was a 1% but I didn’t really know if it was a blend other things
because just different standards across borders. It could have been something
totally different than what I was looking for at the end of the day. So I
never actually used it, but I’ve heard similar stories from some of my friends
have gone in Mexico or other countries where they picked it up, and it might not
have been exactly what they wanted. There’s different strength levels and
depending on the strength it might not work for your skin type. So while it
is a shortcut, you know, you are putting yourself at risk. Especially me, I can
speak from my own experience, I have extremely sensitive skin, so wasn’t my best, you know, judgement choice in the past but I lived and I learned, and then I
learned about Dear Brightly! I also have very sensitive, dry skin too, so I
totally empathize with you, and my skin is like a very, it’s a very personal
thing, so anything that I put on it, I want to know what I’m putting on my
skin. So I’ve been using this a few nights a week, just kind of concentrating it around the nose, t-zone, chin, the areas I’m not as sensitive and it’s been
great, like so much more smoothness. If you’ve never tried a retinoid before,
it’ll change your life. Honestly. I would say it was
the same thing for me, so I in my early 20s, I don’t know what the deal
was but I just noticed I started getting like lots of acne. There’s so many benefits of
using a retinoid, it’s not the just the acne benefits, and you have amazing skin by
the way! Now that I’m seeing you up close in the flesh. Back to the product, like the formula is
just this silky smooth texture. When I lay down at night it’s not gonna drip in my
eyes or cause any other irritation. It’s very easy to use. A lot of people don’t
know that it’s not just for acne, and it’s not just for fine lines and
wrinkles, it can tackle so many different skin concerns. Yeah it also helps with pigmentation, so sun spots, dark spots as well as uneven skin tone, enlarged
pores, making it appear smaller. Biggest misconceptions I’ve heard about retinoids? It’s the same as the stuff you can pick up at retailers and department stores. Yeah I mean I hear that almost every day.
The prescription-grade retinoids are different scientifically than over
counter, like say, retinols. I know the answer for this question, but how is this
different than something you can pick up at Walgreens or Sephora? Yeah so the
reason it’s scientifically different because prescription-grade retinoids
have the active ingredient retinoic acid. So it can come in different forms but it’s
retinoic acid, right, so one of them is for example like tretinoin. That’s the active ingredient that when topically put on her skin, it stimulates collagen,
whereas if you get something like retinol that’s over the counter, so a
place that you can get at a drugstore or like any retailer, it’s retinol that’s the
ingredient which is not really the active, so when you put that on your
skin it needs to convert multiple times in order to be converted into
retinoid acid which is the active ingredient that does something to your skin. Another misconception I have heard is
that it’s only for people that are 30-plus. No! So I started using it in my
20s and when we initially we’re talking to a bunch of dermatologists, a number of
them in our network, we asked them like what age should you be using this? And they’re like your early 20s, as soon as… I mean teens even use this for mainly acne.
Age is a really interesting topic. It just kind of relates back to
this whole philosophy of self-care and just taking a look at your overall
well-being. One misconception is that more is better with something like this.
Yeah…. more is not better, total misconception, like all you need is a
pea sized to dime sized amount and it actually fuses under your skin, and increasing the amount does not like increase efficacy, it just increases irritation, so no need. Oh, also another misconception, if you’re not flaking it’s not working. So initially that might be true because like as your skin learns to tolerate, you’ll have some flaking or a little
dryness, and it’s because it’s your skin cells turning over. As your skin lines tolerate you get
less of it which is an amazing thing, that’s what you want.
Definitely that’s been kind of my experience, slowly incorporating this
into my routine, the first couple weeks you don’t see flaking and you’re almost
tempted to use more or up the ante. There is kind of an initial hump, if you
will, that on say two or three weeks in, my personal experience is that that’s when
the flaking started to kick in, so trust the directions, trust the
professionals, and just follow the directions ,and you will see the flaking
come but don’t increase your usage in order to see flaking because it is
working. So another misconception I’ve heard about retinoids in general is that
people apply them to spots. It’s not meant to be a spot treatment.
It’s not meant to be a spot treatment, it should be applied everywhere. I’ve
always wanted to see a dermatologist, I’ve seen allergists and other things for
other health-related issues, but dermatologists were always like prohibitively
expensive, it was too much of a hassle setting up the appointment,
it was never covered within my plan or my network, so it’s just something I never
got around to, but I found with this, this was just so simple, so easy. I got a
prescription that was 100% developed for me and my needs and my
background, and it was ready like within a week. It was so fast! It’s crazy to
me that we can get something that used to take so many back and forths to the
dermatologist and cost probably hundreds of dollars. So that’s another
thing that Alda and I wanted to really solve for, is making sure this was
accessible not in terms of just like making it all online and seamless for
you, but also making sure it’s accessible in terms of like price as well. So the
consult is $29, it’s you know the average price of a copay, product itself is like
customized for you formulated by dermatologists, tailored for you, made for
you with love in a pharmacy. You guys can’t see, but what my name is printed on the
back and there’s like a serial number and expiration date and my specific
blend. $29 for the initial consult. That’s like…. that doesn’t even cover
parking in San Francisco to go to your dermatologist. Yeah! It was super seamless,
really easy and straight forward just filling out my background, some of my
skin concerns, and I uploaded a few photos of my skin, the side profile view and the front. I was filling it out and I kind of
sound like a tough customer, I’m like I’m sensitive, I have eczema, I’m very fair,
but still there was a formula suitable for me. So even if you have difficult
skin, sensitive skin, there can still be a blended formula that’s suitable for even
the toughest of clients. Right! That’s amazing that they can do that even
without meeting the patient in-person. It’s incredible. Retinoid versus
retinol, and how it’s very confusing to the consumer, and you have this whole
spectrum of price points but the formulas and the percentage can vary so
greatly. We’ve talked to a number of dermatologist in our network
and they all agree on like these like five things if you want to be more like
a minimalist about your skincare. So the other thing that we at Dear Brightly
really care about is we want you to focus on matters the most, which is living your lives right, like living optimally, and like going out there and being present in your lives. We’re helping to achieve that by taking
care of all this hard work for you, all of the hassle, the inconvenience,
inaccessibility, we want to take care of all of that so that you can
focus on what you do best. It’s true, when you have great skin you truly feel like you
can tackle anything that life throws at you. Yeah, yeah! So we will have a link down below with a skincare routine five steps and more
information on Dear Brightly’s so just hit the link below and you guys can sign up. So
definitely check that link below because Dear Brightly is available in the US and
select states so go ahead and check it down below. Thank you Amy so much for
your time today, this was such a fun chat and like just blowing my mind with how you guys are disrupting
this whole industry, how you know it traditionally historically was so
difficult to get things like this that really change people’s quality of life.
Yeah, thank you, thank you so much for having us too. I’ve been kind of
phasing out some of my glycolic acids that you guys know I love so much in
place of this, just to really simplify things, and like I said I’m kind of a
tough customer because I have such sensitive skin and eczema, I’m really
excited to have this in my routine now. I will have all the links down below to Dear Brightly as well as my Bay Area Beauty playlist so you guys can check out more
videos in this series. So definitely check the link down below for more
details on Dear Brightly, Amy’s email address! Yeah! Email me anytime, I love
learning, hearing your guys’ stories so even if you’re a customer, even if you’re
not a customer, my email will be available. And it’s always exciting to
see you know women led businesses here in San Francisco doing amazing
things. Thank you! Leave a comment below and we’ll see you in the next one. Bye!

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