Remove Your Wrinkles With An Anti Aging Banana Face Mask

Hey there people! By the time we reach our early 40s, we usually
start developing wrinkles. This is when we get worried and spend thousands
of dollars to hide it. What if I said that you could get rid of early
wrinkles with a banana? Bananas are rich in nutrients and some of
those nutrients can save you major cosmetic bills. In this video, I am going to tell you how
a banana mask can help you fight wrinkles. It Prevents Skin Damage As we age, our skin’s defense mechanisms start
to fail, which allows free radicals to break down the collagen in our skin. So, how can a banana help? Well, bananas are a rich source of Vitamin
A, a nutrient that has a lot of potent antioxidants. It refreshes your skin and doesn’t allow the
free radicals to damage the collagen. It also gets rid of acne and fine lines that
may appear as you age. Vitamin A also protects our skin from redness
and pigmentation that can be caused by exposure to too much sunlight. If you thought that was cool, there’s more. Vitamin A boosts cell production and protects
the skin by helping fibroblasts develop more tissue to keep the skin healthy. It also provides a natural barrier against
the Ultraviolet rays. So you get to save both cosmetic bills and
medical bills. It’s Rich in Vitamin E Vitamin E is your skin’s best friend. We have already told you how bad free radicals
are for your skin, but rough molecules are another damaging property that can harm your
skin’s collagen. This is where Vitamin E comes to the rescue,
be it the sun who wants to burn your skin or the toxic particles in the air. This nutrient neutralizes and cleanses them
off your skin. It also forms a protective barrier around
your cell membranes which enables it to stay hydrated for a longer period of time. That’s not all though, Vitamin E also fights
against skin inflammation. According to a study conducted on people with
atopic dermatitis, which causes itchiness and irritation of skin, it was found that
people who consumed more Vitamin E got more relief. Oh and just like Vitamin A, Vitamin E also
keeps your acne scars away. 3. Reduces Stress Marks As we age, our defenses lower and we become
vulnerable to a lot of things, one of them is stress marks. As we reach our 20’s, we are susceptible
to them. Stress marks are the result of the pressure
we take on in a day. There are other factors at play too, such
as indigestion and blood pressure. If you are wondering why you have small dots
on your forehead or nose, well this may be one of the reasons. So, what can you do to cure these stress marks? Apply a banana mask. Bananas are rich in magnesium, these nutrients
help tighten the pores of your skin and get rid of particles that cause these marks. Apart from that, much like Vitamin A, magnesium
also boosts the cell production on your skin which can help you avoid stress marks in the
first place. 4. Iron Mask For Your Face No, not the mask of iron man. I’m talking about the nutrient iron. When you put a banana mask on your face, you
are also putting iron on your face. Iron is a nutrient that can help remove acne
scars. The iron present in banana fights against
acne and increases the cell production on your skin. It also tightens the pores of your skin and
makes it difficult for the free radicals to cause fine lines or wrinkles. Iron also fights dry skin by enabling the
skin to absorb more moisture. This also keeps the skin from getting too
oily. One interesting thing to note is that things
like hair loss, premature greying of hair and dry skin are all results of iron deficiency. This doesn’t mean that the factors can’t be
reversed, having enough iron a day is going to help you keep all these troubles at bay. That is exactly what you will get with this
mask. Needless to say, your skin will look healthier
than before. Since we have talked about the nutrients that
can help in your crusade against wrinkles, spots and acne, let’s focus on the other ingredients
that will play a major role in your mission. Honey That is right, a banana mask is incomplete
without honey. This already digested food acts as a catalyst
in this procedure. Remember the antioxidants we were talking
about? Well, honey adds more properties into the
mix. Now just add its antibacterial properties
and you have a perfect response for all the blackheads on your skin. Because of the antioxidants, the oxidized
particles that have set up shop in your pores find it hard to stay there, as the honey cleanses
them away. After that it hydrates and strengthens the
skin pores. Apart from that, the properties of honey complement
the properties of the banana, making it a strong combination. If you really want to take care of your skin,
you won’t just stop at adding honey. You’ll add a teaspoon of something else. Curd Yes, curd is one of the necessary ingredients
in this mix. It lightens the mixture and allows the honey
and banana to blend in properly. Apart from that, curd comes with a lot of
good bacteria. This good bacteria enriches your skin from
within and helps its pigmentation. Curd also improves the quality and complexion
of the skin. The Vitamin D present in curd helps to keep
the skin away from itches and bad bacteria. If all of that was not good enough, it also
contains antioxidants. As we have already discussed, these antioxidants
help to cleanse your skin and the anti-inflammatory properties fight acne. On top of all that, you can use curd whether
you have dry or oily skin. So, have you tried the banana mask yet? Let us know about your experience in the comments. We would love to hear from you.

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