my 70 year old grandma’s anti-aging
secret recipe of vitamin E face mask with honey yogurt is rich in wrinkle
preventing nutrients such as vitamins minerals enzymes and fats which keep the
skin fresh and hydrated the lactic acid found in yogurt shrinks pores and
tightens the skin the purest form of bee’s honey is nature’s best moisturizer
to deal with aging and to keep wrinkles at bay skin needs to be properly
moisturised at all times honey contains antioxidants that repair the damage
caused by free radicals and rejuvenate the skin the bleaching properties of
lemons work wonders to reduce the age spots and blemishes on the skin with
regular use this is an excellent natural remedy if you want to lighten your skin
and get rid of age spots and other blemishes take one teaspoon of pure
lemon juice and apply on the areas with dark patches blemishes and age spots
vitamin E oil works to block free radicals from the body which play a
large part in the aging process if we can fight off free radicals then we can
reduce wrinkles and keep the skin youthful looking it is also good for
wrinkles under the eyes the turmeric makes the mask is anti-inflammatory
antibacterial and antioxidant it brightens the skin and reduces skin
pigmentation the mask reduces lines and wrinkles on the face it exfoliates the
skin reduces down and adds a glow to your skin this is an anti-aging face
mask for 10 years younger looking skin apply this anti-aging face mask at home
to reduce wrinkles plus natural Botox young looking skin is what we always
dream of wrinkles crow’s feet fine lines laugh lines and dark spots are the
biggest nightmares of any woman most of the women are
of the age of 30 spent thousands of rupees on many clinical procedures and
anti-aging creams to get a youthful skin we often wonder if anti-aging products
suit our skin and question if they really work if you are looking for an
answer then here is what you need to do now rinse off with warm water it
enhances skin radiance and diminish the fine lines and wrinkles vitamin E helps
the skin from free radical damage while the vitamin C promotes collagen
production making the skin firm and smooth if you liked the video then share
it with your friends and let them know the tips for getting the beautiful skin
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beauty thank you

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