(music) TB: That’s a lot of moving! Patient: I know it’s hard on, it’s hard on life too because you finally settle and then you’ve got a stop; it won’t work. TB: Of course, of course. P: But now I mean my kid is grown up so? TB: Yeah, but you’re tough girl I can tell. So like I said we’re gonna do an injection in the area over here. P: Okay. TB: To make the area numb. Once we know it’s numb, then we’ll remove as much fluid as we can. Because you’re going for the surgeon’s appointment possibly in a month-two months we don’t put any cortisone. We just get give you some relief. P: You are the expert; I trust you. TB: What’s gonna happen on the count of three, you’re gonna feel a pinch and a sting. If you feel like moving your foot, don’t. You can push your heel straight down like this. P: Don’t worry. TB: Okay. P: I won’t move. TB: If you do it’s okay. Give me a good kick! I can take it. I’ll be okay. So I’m just gonna wipe the area down. So if this is something that no one wants to remove or you’re not able to get an appointment for a very long time, P: Okay. TB: This is something that we can discuss doing here, in the future. P: Okay. TB: Unfortunately our services are not covered by OHIP. (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) So that’s the only main, that’s the main difference, okay? P: I know. TB: So you gonna feel a little pinch on three. P: Why did you choose to do that or? TB: No, that’s the way our services are. They’re just not covered by OHIP. P: Really? TB: Yeah for all these procedures. P: It’s interesting though, ay? TB: It is. So on the count of three, little pinch and a sting. So here we go one, two, three. TB: You okay? TB: Very good. Any pain ? P: Yeah. TB: A sting, right? P: I’m fine. TB: Yeah, you know what, as important as the feet are, they they’re not covered by OHIP. P: It’s like teeth and feet it’s the most important almost thing like. TB: Sorry, little sting down here. You okay? P: But my insurance, I think will cover some of it. TB: Yes. P: Because the last time I took the receipt and I think that paid me something back. TB: Any pain right now? P: Yeah. TB: You okay? Pain or just pressure right now? P: Yeah. TB: Okay, okay. TB: Okay all done. So I’m just gonna rub the area down, get the fluid to move around, and then we’ll do the removal of the fluid, okay? P: Okay. TB: Okay, so we added a bit more freezing just to make sure everything’s numb. TB: So I’m just gonna wipe down the area. During the procedure you shouldn’t feel anything sharp. P: Okay. TB: If you do you let me know, okay? P: I’ll let you know. TB: Okay like I told you, you can give me a good kick. So I’m just wiping down an area. TB: Well hopefully you’ll discuss all the the outcomes with your with the surgeon. P: Okay. TB: Okay. P: I forget the name, they told me the name. I didn’t write it down. (name of surgeon) TB: So if you feel anything sharp you let me know okay? P: I will let you know. TB: Any pain? P: Yes, I’m okay. TB: Okay. TB: So we just got to pop this bubble, this balloon. P: Are you going to put coverings on the window? TB: Yes we are. P: Are you? TB: Yeah, look at that. P: I don’t want to. TB: You see it’s very yellow, fluidy stuff, very thick. P: Oh my G_d! TB: (laughs) Look at that squeeze out, huh? So like I said… P: But you said it should be clear. TB: It’s a little bit yellowish, but it’s still not abnormal. If it was an infection to be yellow, yellow, yellow like a bus. P: Really? TB: Yes TB: Any pain? P: I’m fine. TB: Okay, so big thing. It looks like there’s two separate little bulb balloons in here. P: Oh? TB: Because one came out and there’s another part of this area that was still kind of inflated. It’s very thick. You okay? P: I’m fine. TB: So we’re just getting bubbles. P: You can feel it? TB: You can see it. TB: There was just a little bit of blood. Okay, so let’s see what else we can get. No pain? P: Yes, I’m fine. TB: Very good. So you can see all this space now. I know you didn’t want to look too much, but you see that? P: Yeah. TB: It’s all deflated. I’m just feeling around if I feel any little pockets that are left behind. TB: Okay. This area is pretty good. I’m gonna check one more spot. Okay That I feel down here… Still no pain? P: Yeah. TB: No, no more. No, just blood. Okay. So you survived! So what we’ll, do I’m just gonna put a little bit of pressure. We put a bandaid on it, and you’re all done. P: Okay. TB: Okay. P: What do I need to do? Do I need to do anything? I don’t remember what you said. TB: No all you need to do is just replace the band-aid everyday. P: Okay. TB: You can use even a little bit of polysporin. P: Okay. TB: Just to keep it covered. Like we discussed, this is usually caused because of pressure, pressure in the shoe because maybe you’re putting more weight on this foot. Because you have a bunion, more pressure from just the way you’re walking. P: Okay. TB: So most of the time this comes back, but we’re just gonna give you some short-term relief. Then you know you have your appointment with the surgeon and you can figure out what’s the best surgical option for you, okay? P: Okay. TB: There’s no other fluid coming out, okay? You’ve got an empty balloon; all done. P: Thank you.

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