Real Story | Do you want to GET RID OF Acne & Acne Scars? | Real Model of MINE [ENG][CC]

Hi, I’m Miki I came to Korea for a month to take care of my acne with MINE and my skin became a lot more clear than before, thanks to the MINE that healing a lot of my acne scars MINE has the latest equipment, so their cures were really effective I really liked the Aladin filling and the secret laser As I continued on with the cure, my acne scars were almost gone My reddish brown skin tone is also improved, causing me to have an improved skin tone And the people in MINE dermatology professionally take care of their patients I tried the same procedure in Thailand as well, But I felt like MINE is superior to the clinics in Thailand In Thailand, my acne remained after their acne care But during my treatment in MINE, my skin became a lot more clear Their acne scars, whitening and pigment treatments are really great If you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to contact to MINE dermatology MINE also has translation staff for foreign clients The translation staff are friendly and they take great care of patients For your acne, MINE is the way

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