Re-Excision of a Cyst on the Lower Back

Room For Rent & Share Available Worldwide This was a cyst that I removed before, actually. We did videotape it… …but it came back! And I actually… …almost didn’t believe that I… …I remember doing but I don’t see the scar line. It was right in the middle. We took it out of this there, so just right the length of the circle here in the middle but… ….since we’ve taken it out and it came back and there’s probably scar tissue we’re going to remove wider around it to make sure we get it all and [the patient] knows this. I think it was just kind of like an all hands on deck thing I’m going to go under it if I can You ok huh? Yes ma’am. Sorry, I’m a broken record like that cause sometimes people don’t tell me if they’re not, if they’re hurting. See, I know i’ll get it this time! This is again why I need tools for…let’s not push too hard the cyst, I don’t want to push the contents around… Can you dab under there please? Thank you, I want to try and do this quick There’s a noise you’re going to hear I don’t know why I missed it that first time but there’s definitely cyst still there! Little buzzing noise obviously Little cautering that stops baby blood vessels But I do… I am positive that I’ve got it now Alright, then I won’t have to come back! I know! Not for this, that is.

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