Rachelle McIntosh | Cosmetic Nurse Injector & Clinical Trainer | Cityskin Sydney CBD

– So my name’s Rachelle. I am a cosmetic nurse injector. Nursing for the last 18 years and started cosmetic nurse
injecting six years ago. I love being a cosmetic injector I think because of the
artistry of injecting. I quite enjoy kind of making people look refreshed in a very
soft and natural way but through accentuating the
beauty of them naturally. I think that’s one of the
biggest reasons I love it and I think because people walk out of your clinic feeling happy. Two years ago I started working for a company called Galderma. It’s a cosmetic company that looks at purely just training and education for cosmetic nurse injectors. So my primary role was
to train any new starters or on-going training for
advanced clinical injectors. I’m still going to be
doing the training role so that’s going to be
from beginners trainers to advanced training
techniques and I love it. It’s one of my most favorite things to do because it’s that sharing
of knowledge and skills. My favorite would be mid-face, cheek enhancement probably because of it’s your basics to rejuvenation to the overall face. We do forget that part sometimes because of other areas tend to be our eye-catchers when
we look in the mirror but mid-face ‘cuz it makes such a dramatic result. I originally wanted to become an occupational therapist
but decided nursing was probably a better option
for what it can bring, the variety that it brings to you. I enjoy going to the beach, but very sun smart when I go to the beach as you can tell I am very pasty white but I do love the ocean. Ocean’s probably my special place. It’s where I can sit and think. Definitely a dog and I would definitely
be a dog in my family ‘cuz they’re ridiculously spoiled and they’re an extra child. Probably France, south of France. Why? Food and wine. (laughs) My favorite pizza topping, I like supreme. Yeah, pretty basic. That’s about it. Oh it might’ve been a
Silver Chair probably, a Silver Chair tape (laughs). Sadly not even a CD. First concert I went to with my mum was Billy Joel and Elton John. Second concert by myself, so as an adult was Silver Chair. (bright music)

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