Quiz MD – Tumors

It’s time to play another round of Quiz MD.
This time, we’re going to see what you know about tumors. A tumor is an abnormal growth
of body tissue. They can be benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous). Normally a healthy
cell in your body has a process of living, dividing to replace another dead cell, and
then dying itself. This brings me to question one. How do cells form a tumor? Is the answer
A. Cells multiply uncontrollably, B. Cells never die and continue to divide, or C. Healthy
cells fuse together to create a tumor The answer is both A and B. Normally, healthy
cells know when to repair themselves, divide or self destruct. An unhealthy cell ignores
those healthy commands and multiplies, making more cells with the same defect. A tumor or
growth isn’t always life-threatening, sometimes people can have a growth that doesn’t effect
their health or daily life. Now for question number two. When does a growth or tumor become
dangerous? A. Cells break off and travel to other parts
of the body, B. Tumor is big enough to damage other areas, or C. When tumor forms in an
organ? Well the answer is of course all 3. There
are many factors that come into play when tumors form. They can grow almost anywhere
in the body, and can be because of genetics, environmental factors, or because of smoking
or working near chemicals. Some present symptoms while others don’t. And some are life-threatening
while others can be lived with for a persons lifetime. Speak to your doctor for more information
and to see what you can do to prevent tumors and cancer. That’s all for this round. Until
next time, I’m Gabe Garza.

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