Quick and Daily Face pack to reduce Pimples Blackheads Acne and pour cleansing

hi thank you for watching all of our episodes and sending us feedback as we promised today we’re here with tamrac exit number 2 specially for your state on our previous episode we explained how Tamra can do wonder to your body today we are going to explain and show you how this queen of spies can give you flawless skin also before I forget here is a quick programming note on our next episode we’ll bring you some really home remedies little of such a great news for you all please don’t forget to click on the red button below we’d say subscribe to stay updated with our all future episodes turmeric which is called howdy in India it is most widely used spices it is used not only add color and taste to our food but also as it cosmetics it has become one of the part of our rituals one of the most important ceremonies of Indian wedding is hardly ceremony where a paste made of turmeric is applied to Pride and goose body as their malice preparation turmeric has been used as a beauty product over the centuries here are some properties of turmeric that you can use cheer all kind of skin related common problems and get it flawlessly here is the long list of skincare benefit associated with turmeric including the treatment of acne blemishes dark spots hyperpigmentation blackheads and other skin related problems like eczema and psoriasis turmeric automatic imitation controls oily skin lighten stretch mark it cures acne it helps heal and prevent dry skin slow skins 18th process diminished wrinkles keep your skin supple and improve skin’s elasticity the sunny bright spice also be used as an ingredient in sunscreen it is used daily by Indian women as facial cleanser and exfoliat for a wrinkle reducer and skin brightener and other skin related problems I’m going to show you how to make a tremolo mask honey turmeric powder draw milk a mixture of milk and turmeric is good for fine lines and wrinkles mix 1 teaspoon turmeric powder with raw milk add 1 TSP honey mix them properly have to form a paste and apply to face and name give it for 15 minutes I think it’s dry now she’s going to wash our face with lukewarm water so please wash your face I need warm water hi Mexico hi how do you feel to the three nothing month these days how his skin has become so smooth two three not the color maggoty excited oh she’s so glad she says her team has become so smooth that she wants to use it this everyday thank you mythical I hope you learn many things about turmeric from our previous and this episode please don’t forget to click on the subscribe button below to stay updated if you have any questions please feel free to email us add new atv tekzilla.com or you can leave your questions in the comment box below we’ll be very happy to answer your all questions in our future videos until next time this is Nepal stay healthy namaste

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