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I’m going to be very honest with you. I love Accutane. I prescribe it a lot. I think it is a wonder drug that changes people’s
lives. I’ve had so many patients with really severe
acne. They won’t go on dates, they don’t go to work
because of their acne. And Accutane really is a lifesaver for these
patients. What it is is very strong synthetic Vitamin
A. That’s all it is. It’s something natural to your body and something
every cell in your body has receptors for. The pros are easy. Everyone gets better with it, or almost everyone. The cons are you have to take it for six months. You absolutely cannot get pregnant on it because
it can cause very bad birth defects and you need your blood monitored once a month to
make sure it’s not affecting your liver and your triglycerides. While there have been reports of depression
on Accutane, a large study showed no differences in the rates of depression compared to people
who take antibiotics. If you have severe cystic acne that’s scarring,
that’s making you lose out on parts of your life, I strongly recommend this medicine and
finding a dermatologist who will support you in giving it to you.

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  • I love how nothing was said about Crohn's Disease.

  • I took accutane over the summer before my senior year in high school. The largest cons i experienced were increased rate of fatigue, a helluva lot of dryness (there were times where my lips literally would bleed), and I found that i not only needed more recovery time, but also constant and sporadic aches .
    However I was a 2 sport athlete and was regularly exercising at a high intensity, which according to my doctor intensified these symptoms as opposed to a more passive user.

  • I think she should make a video on benzyl peroxide.

  • she left out hair loss and death by suicide!!! google it.
    This drug is NOT for everyone and certainly not for weak people because it can kill them.
    Even 1 pill a day of the lowest dosage can mess you up! I know. But yeah in very severe acne cases it does work. Just be careful and don't let it get it out of control. Talk to people, talk to doctors if you experience severe depression or other symptoms. Stopping the treatment doesn't stop everything else immediately. You have been warned.

  • your doctor should have prescribed a lip balm for your chopped lips to be hydrated. even if you're a guy. it would have made a big difference.

  • You realize that people with acne are depressed and suicidal in the first place, people who have acne are usually unpopular and have self esteem issues and are sometimes bullied and alienated at school because of their skin condition. If you haven't noticed suicide and depression are products of low self esteem and bullying which are both caused by having acne, not using acne treatment. It's not the medicen it's that's causing the suicide, it's the acne in the first place.

  • Actually, Jenny, the devastating effects of this drug have already been proven medically as well as judicially, in the courthouse. Pfizer paid and continues to pay families of victims who have sued the company which is trying to keep things under wraps of course! you make some very good points about bullying and acne being already a factor of young people taking into consideration suicide, what this drug does is to HEIGHTEN those feelings.

  • Also bullying does NOT happen everywhere in the world like it so cruelly does in the US which is arguably the most horrible place on Earth to be a child and a teenager. Believe it or not, there are countries where kids are well-educated and very well-raised by their parents to NOT laugh, mock or bully others and where this drug is also sold. I guess we can say they have it a little bit easier where they live because they don't have to deal with the mocking and the bullying too. Much love &power!

  • Is this the drug that causes Crohns and other gastrointestinal diseases? I have a friend who had it. Her skin cleared up completely, but she ended up being unable to consume anything with wheat without engaging in an allergic reaction. It's terrible.

  • Let's be clear. Isotretinoin, the active ingredient of Accutane, Claravis, Amnesteem, etc, is NOT vitamin A; it is a related and similar substance, known as a retinoid (a vitamin A derivative). It occurs naturally in the body, but only in small quantities – consuming lots of it is NOT natural. I'm on it currently, but I did my research before deciding to go on it and I recommend that you do the same. This video's explanation is oversimplified, and you need more info to make an informed choice.

  • Here in Mexico, or at least in my schools, there are no bullies. It's not that they are all well educated, but at least the don't bully you.

  • Salicylic acid is great too, it's not perfect, but it does help a lot.

  • They have a good heart then. Because You have to have a heart in order to be kind, compassionate and to leave others be without hurting them, doing damage to their spirit. ALL my respect to everyone who has a good heart!

  • Are you stalking my channel now? Like seriously, do you have nothing better to do with your time other than what could be described as almost bullying because you can't respect a person's opinion? what is wrong with you? how old are you? Five?

  • Then why are you looking up my comments on videos from my channel just to take cheap shots at me? Am I supposed to believe that you just happened upon my comment on Mr teddy's video and this video too?

  • how old r u? Seriously, I want to know

  • Dosen't answer my question and age has got nothing to do with it, a woman of your age should be old enough to respect a person's opinion and not call children peices of trash

  • Oh no, they don't have good heart, believe me. They do mock about people, but just not in front of them. Also they are not the typical bullies, but are nearly as mean hearted as them. But yes, I agree. It takes a big heart to leave others be.

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  • You forgot to mention Crohn's disease I don't understand why every doctor forgets to mention that ?…

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