Product Testing Day Face Masks | Fashioneyesta

[Intro music] [Charlotte, filming] So, how are you
liking your face mask? [All laugh] [Lorna on right] You look gorgeous.
[Alice] Thank you. [Group laugh again]
[Charlotte] Do you feel your skin? [Alice] No, not really, I can’t feel my mouth!
[She laughs] [Charlotte] Does it taste nice?
[Alice] No! [She laughs] [Charlotte] How’s yours? [Lorna] It’s really taut on my face,
it’s really strange, it’s like I’ve wrapped myself. [Charlotte]
And what is it supposed to be for? [Lorna] Allegedly it purifies
for radiant complexion. [Charlotte] Oh nice.
[Lorna] We shall see. [Charlotte] And yours? [Emily] Mine is the Exfoliating Ice Blast
Gel Mask, so apparently it’s supposed to refresh and renew the complexion.
So let’s hope it does that! [Charlotte] And mine is supposed
to make me look younger, and I’m waiting for it to happen.
[Emily sings] Keep young and beautiful! [Lorna] This is so weird. [Charlotte] Do you think… oh,
you’ll see what it’s like when you take it off. I don’t know how long I’ve had it on for now.
About 5 minutes. [Emily] Mine feels really comfortable.
[Alice] Mine doesn’t feel as if it’s hardened. [Charlotte] Yeah, mine doesn’t feel
as if there’s anything on there. [Emily voiceover] Hello from Fashioneyesta.
I am pleased to announce that the winner of the face masks trial was
Charlotte’s Anti-Aging Facial Mask. So well done Superdrug. They were all brilliant,
but the winner was the Anti-Aging one. So do keep a look out for that one, and
if you’re interested in purchasing it then the link will be posted on the description below. [Outro music]

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