Pimples/Acne और Pimple Marks का पूरा इलाज || Complete Treatment of Acne & Acne Marks

Hi friends, in this video I will be telling you the basics of treating pimples and acne 80% of people in their teenage years suffer from pimples and acne either to a medium or a large extent In this video, I will give you very simple and effective methods for the management and treatment of pimples/acne besides this, once pimples heal the red and bluish pimple marks that are left behind on the face will also be dealt with and I will explain how to get rid of them. Mild to moderate pimples can be treated using over the counter gels and creams and by practicing a basic level of facial hygiene and care In the age group between 15-30 years of age due to a sudden spike in the hormone levels in our system the oil glands in our skin begin producing an excessive amount of oil This oil, along with the accumulated dead skin cells tend to clog and close the pores of our skin which get inflamed and begin to appear in the form of black and white heads on our skin When these clogged oil glands/pores get infected by bacterial activity then it results in the formation of pimples or acne Steroid medications and birth control medication and conditions like PCOS/PCOD result in hormonal imbalances in our system which can result in an outbreak of pimples at any age In food, milk and milk products sweetmeats milk chocolate items made of refined flour and oils such as cake pastries pizzas etc also promote the development of pimples and acne Nowadays, stress and the resultant hormonal imbalance it causes, has also become a big reason for pimple and acne outbreaks Now, when we start the treatment of pimples there are some basic objectives or aims which we have to work towards These are – 1) Reduction in the quantity of oil being produced in the skin 2) Removal of dead skin cells from the skin and finally 3) Protecting the skin from bacterial infections and/or inflammation and swelling For this, we utilise two kinds of creams or gels The first of these is Retinoids, such as Retino A and Adapalene and Benzoyl Peroxide Creams and Gels All these medicines are available over the counter from the medical store These creams and gels reduce the oil production in the skin and they promote the development of elastic tissue in the skin and also clean up dead skin cells from the skin The next category is Antibiotic Gels Which heal the infection inside the skin such as Clindamycin & Erythromycin Gel Now, if there are only blackheads and whiteheads on your face/body then every night, you should wash your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser such as Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser or Pears Soap and then apply either Adapalene 0.1% Gel or you can also apply Benzoyl Peroxide 2.5% gel You should apply either of these gels every night until all blackheads & whiteheads are completely eliminated But most people suffer from all 3 together – Pimples, whiteheads & blackheads that is why they should apply those gels and creams which have oil control cleaning action and also an antibiotic component I will tell you the names of some such good creams – 1) Glenmark Deriva CMS Gel Encore Clinred A Gel 3) Mankind Pharma Acnestar Gel Out of these you can use any one gel that suits you those people who do not find these mentioned creams/gels suitable can use Azelaic Acid Cream Aziderm 20% Here I would like to mention that all these medicines which I have spoken about make the skin sensitive to sunlight that is why it is advisable to apply these medicines only at night In morning, wash your face using a gentle face wash and apply an Oil Free Moisturiser and definitely apply a good sunscreen before stepping out into the sun this treatment must be continued until the skin gets completely clear If your pimples/acne is not getting sorted out by application of topical creams and gels then you should take advice from your doctor and commence the treatment with antibiotic medicines For the treatment of pimples, doctors often recommend Tetracycline or Doxycycline the treatment with which must be continued for atleast 3 months non stop If after doing all this your pimples are not coming under control or you are suffering from very large pimples and acne which is known as Cystic Acne then you will have to consult your doctor and commence treatment with Isotretinoin Tablets this is a very effective medicine for Severe Pimples & Cystic Acne but this medicine dries out the skin heavily and affects the liver adversely and Pregnant ladies & Lactating mothers should absolutely avoid taking this medicine Because of these harmful side effects, this medicine is to be taken only after physical consultation with a doctor The dosage, as well as the duration of treatment must be decided in person, only by your doctor. Now lets speak about the red and black marks that are left behind on skin after pimples/acne go away How does one treat them? These marks are not the same as scars Scars are those Scars are those which feel bumpy/uneven on the skin when touched The treatment of scars is also completely different from that of marks I have already made a video about treatment of acne scars – you can have a look at it. Right now, I will only be speaking about the treatment of the red and black marks which are left behind when pimples heal and the process of their removal These marks are unsightly to look at but the skin feels smooth to the touch on the areas affected by these marks it does not feel uneven or bumpy The first step in the treatment of acne spots is Sun Protection or shielding from the sun When your skin is just about recovering from acne then you should not expose it to the sun excessively and you must always apply a suitable sun screen before stepping out into the sun those who do not find sunscreen suitable, can use Virgin Coconut Oil or pure coconut oil on their skin and this can also provide an effective barrier to sun rays and prevent sun burn the next step in getting rid of marks is Vitamin C Serum Vitamin C is a wonderful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent This also helps to make the skin colour clearer by lightening the pigment of the skin Once your pimples are healed, if you apply this serum on your pimple spots every night before going to bed then your skin will heal much faster and the pimple marks will also heal much faster In this, Cipla’s VC15 Serum and VC 5 Serum are quite good another Vitamin C serum is VC X which also contains Vitamin E & Ferrulic Acid which makes the serum even more effective One thing you must keep in mind that whenever you open a bottle of Vitamin C serum it must always be kept inside a refrigerator and must not be left outside The next important pointer is that you must only apply Vitamin C serum at night and you should not step out of the house in the sunlight after applying it at daytime because Sunlight causes Vitamin C to breakdown and destruct that is why you must never step out in the sunlight after applying Vitamin C the other method is Azelaic Acid Cream Aziderm 20% this cream heals pimples and acne and cleans up the complexion of skin and also reduces wrinkles and fine lines Besides this, many clinics and doctors advise people to undergo chemical peel and dermaroller treatment but these treatments are best done in a good hospital or clinic under the supervision of experts Now I will tell you some natural remedies for the treatment of acne spots which are, in my opinion, the most cost effective, safe and useful the first is 1) Pure Honey & Fresh Lemon Juice Mask this is best for Dry Skin with Pimple Spots If you apply this mask 4 times a week then your face will become absolutely soft and clear in 2-3 weeks time those people who have Oily Skin with Spots those people need only wash their face with face wash at night and then apply only fresh tomato juice mask OR Fresh Aloe Vera mask OR Fresh Potato Juice mask and then go to sleep will see that their acne spots disappear slowly on their own those people who are pressed for time can use Isha Yoga Foundation’s Tejasvini Mask this can be bought from the internet (Isha Shoppe) A single packet can be used to apply face masks 10 times Those with oily skin, should take 1 tablespoon fresh tomato juice or 1 tablespoon orange juice and add 5gms of powder to it to make the mask and those with dry skin can add 5 gms of powder to 1 tablespoon of pure honey or 1 tablespoon of curd to make the mask All the masks mentioned previously, should be applied 3-4 times a week for atleast 1 or 2 months and this will ensure that all your marks and blemishes get totally cleared and your skin will glow Friends, all the medicines which I have told you previously as also the natural treatments will definitely yield results if you implement them thoroughly and as per schedule But the problem is that most people carry out the treatment for a few days and then abandon it The advice that I have given in this video will certainly help you in managing and treating your pimples quite successfully. Thank you!

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