Pimple Popping Nails?

Are you looking for a perfect way to show off your nails and be the talk of the town Well check out the latest trend we can’t believe this one exists pimple popping nails What why people what is this so actually this was done by youtuber Natasha Lee and she actually did it primarily for Halloween, but it is a viral sensation now And so what she’s doing is she’s actually applying this hardener to her nail and then allowing it to lump up Using red nail polish to give you that inflamed look of the pimple and then yellow now She spared her fourth finger ladies You know how your fourth finger has to be special she put a hand cream. That’s banana and beeswax Trapped it in with that hardener and then very Satisfyingly after she had it all done and was all dry Squeezed it out to give you that effect of the pimple popping I think I would just go work in your office and pop a few pimples most of my patients. Don’t get the pimples anymore You

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