Pimple Coverage Without Using Color Correcting or Concealer

everybody welcome back to my channel so
today’s video is on how to cover and conceal super super angry zits without
colour correcting so if you’re interested on seeing that then please
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get started so last Saturday I did a review of Noxzema Noxzema
it totally destroyed my skin and I just it’s horrible right now but I wanted to
show you guys how I cover and conceal extremely angry zits
without color correcting so first thing off as I’ve washed and moisturized my
face and I did put some oxy acne medication maximum action spot treatment
it’s 10% benzoyl peroxide on the extremely angry ones cave you want to
blend it out really really good since we are putting makeup over it so first
thing I’m gonna start with is my Rimmel stay matte liquid mousse foundation this
is an 101 porcelain ivory the stuff is a great great product I absolutely love it
I’m just gonna be using my ELF ultimate blending brush when I do have really bad
skin or if I need to cover something a lot I do like to use a brush instead of
a makeup sponge so I just did put a little bit of this foundation on my
mirror and I’m just going to dip my brush into it this you don’t need very
much of this foundation it’s really really a thick very full coverage
foundation and I’m gonna start just on the parts of
the skin that doesn’t have a ton to cover I was so happy I went to Ulta and
they had Rimmel like stay matte and powder the powder – for like 250 they
didn’t have my regular shade but I got this and actually I think it’s a really
good match but I mean because usually this is under $5 at Walmart but getting
that for you know half price even at Walmart was a great deal so as you can
see I mean this stuff is just amazing so foundation no foundation okay and I’ve
used very little okay I’m just gonna go ahead and just pick some more up on this
brush they’re just gonna just gently started to fly bid so I’m not really sure if it’s entirely
the Noxzema is fault I’ve been trying out a moisturizer that
I got in my Birchbox and I don’t know if it’s that that totally pissed my skin
off but it’s obviously something has okay so I’ve been I seen this one and this
one on my nose so but
it’s been trying to get it down a little bit I don’t like color correcting to me
it does not look very natural in person I think in photos it looks pretty good
but in real life it does not so I always do my eye makeup before my foundation so
now I have just a little bit of this left so I’m going to just get a
concentrated amount just on a portion of my brush and I’m just gonna just gently
stipple right on top I want that concentrated color right on
top of that set and then I’m just just gently gonna blend around it this helps you know instead of using a
whole bunch of concealer – this is going to look a little bit more natural a
little less cakey if you have a full-coverage foundation
or concealer that you absolutely love go to use that but I don’t particularly love the pugs a whole
bunch of creamy concealer on top of zits because it just does it to me it slides
around too much okay I got this blended out so the next thing I’m gonna do is I’m
going to just commit and go in with my Rimmel stay matte powder so this is not
my new one but I’m going to use it all the way up I’m just going to use a
powder puff and I’m going to bake right on top of that zit that’s gonna help
kind of seal it so that foundation in there and it’s going to add a little bit
more coverage as well do the same thing on top of my nose
there’s gonna be really gentle because when you pull away you could actually be
lifting a foundation so once again I’d like to do this with a a little powder
puff so that way you’re not moving around that coverage you just added okay so I’m gonna hurry up and finish
the rest of my makeup and I’ll be right back
to brush this off okay so I finished off my skin I did some concealer underneath
the eyes and stuff I’m just gonna just gently start patting off that excess
powder the places that I baked okay and then I’m gonna be using a setting spray
I love this stuff it is really really cheap – it is the hard candy long-wear
share envy setting spray and it has fade resistant and humidity protection it is
a dollar you get a fluid ounce it is a holiday little thing at Walmart they
have a 2.2 fluid ounce bottle of this just regularly in the hard candy line
but it’s like $6 so you get way more product if you bought six of these for a
dollar so I’m just going to go ahead and gently spray my face a little bit it’s
gonna help set all that and keep it from moving so that is how I covered the really
really large sets I mean yeah it’s still noticeable okay but it is a lot you know
it doesn’t look as 3d it’s a lot smoother and the thing is is it doesn’t
look cakey if I would have put on you know a whole bunch of primer on top of
it and then a foundation and concealer color corrector all that so I mean it is
still noticeable the one on my nose is pretty much gone my chin area this one
on my cheek is a little noticeable still but I’d rather it be a little noticeable
then look cakey or green you know this is just personally how I like to cover
severe you know acne marks or really really huge pimple without concealer
color correcting anything like that but you guys thank you so much for watching
I hope you found this video useful if you did then please go ahead and give it
a thumbs up make sure you show this video let’s be honest this time of year
it can be stressful you know weather changes whatever and these monsters that
do happen to the majority of us and you know I think this is just another way
you could do it without taking on the product but you guys I appreciate you
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up and I will see you guys tomorrow for another video have a great one guys

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