Phototherapy – Spot Treatment for Acne – How to Treat Pimples

What is phototherapy? Is that like when I
got blitzed at the office Xmas party and xeroxed my boobs? No, phototherapy is using photons or light
waves to treat your skin for common conditions like mild acne. Is that like laser treatment? No. Not at all. Phototherapy uses blue and
red LED lightbulbs to treat acne. The blue light kills acne-causing bacteria. The red
light eases inflammation under the skin. What does that mean? It’s a powerful natural treatment for acne
similar to what dermatologists use in their offices. This product is the absolute best
on the market. Click the link below in the video description to save 15% today on the
Clear Bi-Light. Can I use it to photocopy my boobs? FML.

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