Photo Editing Tutorial How To Remove Acne Pimple on Android Phone By Technical Haseeb

Hello Guys How are you ? i say you guys wellcome in this video if you have not yet subscribed to my channel so first subcribe to my youtube channel in this video i will tell you guys How can you clean your face i.e if you have a rash on people’s face or is there any stain so how can you clean it that is . you guys have made a picture and it is stained on so how can you end it so there’s a small app for this whose name is youcame perfect i open the internet first open play store ” and write” Here type youcame perfect sorry youcame perfect i have already downloaded it download it and install open it after install open where photo edit is written select picture you can see how many grains are there on this face so its a very easy way open this option ” Acne” Grains will remove have to score two or three So that all the grains are finished i smoothed it a little bit Now i save this if you liked this video of me so please like comments and share this video And subscribe to my youtube channel ”Ok BYE”

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