whiten your skin permanently with maida
best skin tightening face scrub to get fair spotless glowing skin naturally first wash your face well with normal
water Maida or wheat flour has many benefits and one of its major plus
points is that it absorbs excess oil from the skin here is an easy skin
lightening and skin tightening based remedy for your oily skin types we all
know that milk is good for our health and bone formation for the protein in
milk but it has been used as a beauty aid for centuries the queen of Egypt
Cleopatra attributed her smooth skin and beauty to a secret ingredient and that
is milk milk is great for improving the complexion raw milk is an excellent
cleanser now mix those two ingredients well to
make a thick paste this Maida scrub will give you fair spotless glowing skin
this is an anti wrinkles product which can beat any anti aging face cream the
natural ingredients is not going to affect your skin and it is suitable for
your dry oily and sensitive skin to get a smooth skin you can prepare a facial
and body scrub by mixing a cup of milk using milk scrub on your skin removes
dead cells thus imparting it a natural glow apply this smooth paste on clean
and damp skin this mask will help smoothen the fine lines and impart a
natural glow as well now after 15 minutes push a little water on this
dried face mask and scrub it for five to ten minutes
sour cream or sour milk can help in shrinking pores if you have large and
open pores you can take some sour cream and apply it on your face and neck
milk is a great aid for sunburned or Suntanned skin and help in keeping your
skin moisturized throughout the day now wash it off with cool water the mask
smoothens the face and reduces the fine lines on it it clears the skin by
removing dead skin cells after its application your skin will become so
soft light velvety this homemade anti-aging cream is best for anti
wrinkle skin tightening face tightening saggy skin and skin firming now it’s
time to wash wash it off with a mild face wash like ponds face wash or clean
and clear face wash here she is using himalaya face wash as it suits her use
this homemade recipes every day and get 100% permanent result within a week it
removes any type of dark spots on face and body this exfoliating scrub can be
used for face and body scrub it removes excess dead skin whiteheads and
blackheads by moisturizing your skin it will give you smooth hydrated well
moisturized and glowing skin at last you can use any face cream you want if you
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