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Where is Harvey Dent? I’m Batman Where’s Rachael? **GIBBERISH** Why are you spitting on me? Today we’re trying this Korean beauty
product which is basically a… charcoal Korean face mask. You apply it on your face, it dries off then you
pull it down. Why will someone put charcoal on their face? It is supposed to clean up all your pores,
black heads… white heads. Your sebum. I’m hoping that all of this will reveal something
else. Something beautiful. What is your beauty regime? I don’t use many face products and I actually
don’t. Only when I sleep over at a friend’s house and
he has that Garnier for men facewash. Then I’m like I should use it. I bathe five times a day and I use face wash twice
a day. He was a retriever in his last birth. Retrievers love water. Golden Retriever. Oh that! But I can understand why Korean beauty products
are really the shit. Because everyone looks flawless. Because it’s in their genes. On the other hand we are like desi dogs. How it’s going to effect us? But I saw people applying the charcoal mask and they
were screaming and all. When they take it out. Yeah it’s horrible. We are always prepared for any kind of pain
the moment we sit here. We are ready to blacken our faces! We will know whose face is more disgusting. My face is really more disgusting. What can you do with this face? What else?! I can’t feel my face when this is on me. I hope I like it. I need to clean my face first. It smells like bamboo! Smells like a supermarket to me! What kind of supermarkets are you going to? It looks like tar which is used to construct roads. How thick does it need to be? You’re supposed to apply a thick layer otherwise
it will not peel off. This feels like we are applying paint. Do you know if you apply it on your moustache… Oh it went on my eyebrow! Oh shit! Guys! What?! It feels viscous when I’m applying it on my face. It feels as if I’m painting my face! It feels like those models who apply paint on
their body. This feels cold on my face. It feels kinda nice. It’s actually spreading quite well. It feels very nice though…the feeling is very
nice. It’s cool. It’s like I’ve cut and put cucumber
but it’s black. Am I applying it too thin? Okay then. Oh My God! Shit my eyebrows! I’m getting a tutorials on this… I’m loving
it. Don’t Don’t Don’t! What a guy! Oh shit! God! You’re so stupid! Why you make me sit with him? He is so dumb! It feels like my face is on LSD. Something is really happening inside over here . I can feel it puling. It feels like these things… what
do you call them? Jackhammers. You just have to wear it for 20 minutes. But it takes forever to dry! Black face. For the last 20 minutes… I’m trying hard to control my laughter. And for an expressive person like me… It is very difficult. Lets get to this together. Dude what are you thinking? Oh damn! You’re so weak. I’m not weak it’s stuck to my hair. I can literally hear my hair being pulled off. It feels like there is a labor room right next
to me. Oh f**k! I know what you mean. Oh f**k! And you were saying that I was screaming
for content. Oh f**k my eyebrows are going! You look like a pig! You look like a pig! You do look like a pig! You’re a pig. Oh f**k! Can you see the tears in my eyes? I’m not crying it’s the pain reaction. It’s out! I do look fair now but my skin is dry now. Yeah the skin has gotten really dry actually. I have this one problematic black head on my nose
which I can see is not out so this thing doesn’t work. It has removed all the clogs and togs If you press your nose like this you can easily see
black heads coming up. But honestly this is not one of those once in a
lifetime you must try this out kinda things. I’m saying no. This is a very torturous kind of experience. It was painful. It was painful in hairy areas. I feel like sugarcane’s juice this is
something I will never use. Can you please stop this abuse. Because I don’t care if I win or lose. Hi guys if you like this video then hit
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below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Ok Tested. And don’t use this product. Absolutely not! But wet wipes are good. F**k!

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