People Try The Aztec Healing Clay Face Mask For Their Acne

(upbeat music) – We’re trying this viral face mask. I’ve had really bad cystic acne for about eight years. My acne’s not just a vanity thing. It also is very painful. – I’ve been eating a lot of fast food, specifically Popeye’s, so I’ve
been breaking out pretty bad. – My skin type is combination. I’ll be fine for a couple days and then out of the blue
a pimple will pop up. – My skin is very oily
and it’s very acne prone. – I’m a little nervous. You see on the side here it says, “Feel your face pulsate!” – It smells like what you would think clay would smell like. – It feels pretty much
like powdered sugar. – Directions say, “Mix
clay with equal parts “of raw apple cider vinegar and or water.” I read in the reviews that it was better to use apple cider vinegar than water. (upbeat music) – This shit is tight on my face. Sorry you’re getting a front row seat, but I really wanna show you
guys how flakey this is. – I’m kind of feeling the
pulsating sensation right now. – So I just rinsed it all off. My skin is a little bit red, but they said that that’s normal and it should decrease within 30 minutes. – So I just woke up. I gotta say, I think my complexion’s actually a little bit better. – My skin was a lot softer
than it usually is today. – The patches, the redness over here, it faded away, but it’s still there, but it just decreased in size. – You really only need half a tablespoon of the powder itself. – FYI, these little brushes you can get pretty much anywhere, like any beauty supply store. They’re like $2 and they
make all the difference. – So I left the mask on for
a little bit longer today and my skin is still so tight. I almost feel like I
still have the mask on. – I’m feeling just a little bit dry because I have combination skin so I’m gonna put some of my moisturizer on just so that it doesn’t dry my skin out. (cheerful, rhythmic music) – My skin is really clear, my pores feel really clean, and even if this is doing
nothing, at the very least, I feel like I’m taking an extra step to take care of myself so that’s great. – It’s the last night of
our face mask experience. – You guys would think that
after doing this for awhile, consecutively, for so many days, it would be part of my life. No, I’m still Izzy and
it was a huge commitment. – I just went to see my dermatologist and she actually told me my
skin was looking really good. The mask is doing somethin’. I’m gonna keep using it.
It’s been a good day. – Honestly, my skin feels amazing. My pores have minimized on my cheeks. I wouldn’t do this every day because it is very laborious. However, I would incorporate
this into my skincare regiment. On my left side, I noticed
that my small little pimples definitely disappeared and
if there was any redness, it definitely reduced in size. – It was okay. I would do it again. I probably will do it again because it’s fun and
it’s really refreshing. It smells good and it feels tingly, but I don’t think I’m in it for life with this, unfortunately. – My skin is really smooth right now and a lot of the acne I had
at the beginning of this is pretty much gone. I kind of just decided for no real reason to not put on face makeup
for most of the week and it wasn’t as scary
as I thought it would be. Whether it was truly working or not, maybe it was like a placebo effect, but it was really nice to go
out for once with no makeup and be like, “You know what? Whatever. “This is what my skin looks
like and I’m just gonna do it.” (soft music)

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