People Try Rubber Face Masks

– When I look at you, it’s kind of like I’m at a Halloween party and I don’t get your outfit, but then the other person is just like, no, like, come on, like,
you know what this is. (soft music) Whenever I go home, my mom always points out my acne first, before saying hi to me. – I eat like shit, I
don’t put anything on it, although, I feel like now
that I’m getting older, I should, like, start.
– Every Sunday, I do a facial so I’ll steam my face with essential oils- (very fast talking) I know that sounds insane and kind of obsessive, but I don’t get pimples anymore. – [Woman] So you guys are
gonna be trying rubber masks. (laughing) – This is scary, this is, like, what a serial killer wears.
– It kind of looks like an asphyxiated baby. – Oh, this is extreme. – I mean, I feel like, I really like a mask that I cannot fuck up my lipstick. – Mine is super oily, ew, this feels like a condom. (laughing) – I mean, it is a rubber.
– I hope this works though, I wonder, ’cause it does seems like there’s a lot of air coming in around certain parts. – Yeah, it doesn’t feel as precise as when you slather on something that hardens on your face. – [Woman] Yeah. – It is cooling.
– It feels fine. – I think, no, fuck, it doesn’t stay on super great. – I wonder if I can get my glasses on. On yeah, you could do this face mask on the go, I feel like my lipstick still looks good,
– Yeah. – I can wear my glasses, like, I could work.
– If I pull this off and my skin isn’t like a waterfall-
– Right. – Then it hasn’t done its job. – Like all blackheads, all upcoming pimples-
– Yes. – Better be gone.
– This is nice, the more I wear this, the longer I’m loving it, I’m starting to get, like, very spa vibes, I just slip out of the chair, I’m like ahh… – This has not been the most secure face mask I’ve worn. It’s a little floppy, see, exhibit A. (laughing) – I think I might peel mine off, I feel good about it. – It feels, like, I feel refreshed. – It looks like it took off some skin. – Yeah, it looks like
it took off some stuff. – Yeah, some oils, you can tell it took off a bit of my concealer under my eyelashes.
– I had to, like, maneuver my face, my tiny face, in such a way to make
it stay on perfectly, that was kinda frustrating, but I feel like if I was just like, ah, I’m tired, I’m gonna lay down, I would just flop it on, if someone else paid for it. – I will definitely say that my skin feels more elastic, so I do feel a difference. – Something definitely
happened between now and when I walked into this room, but I don’t know what.
– I would try this again, I would probably wait for it to go on sale though and just buy, like, a bunch. (mid-tempo acoustic music)

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