People Extract Blackheads With Charcoal Masks

– I kind of feel like a weird sex toy. – I don’t feel like that at all. (soft music) – So we’re going to put on
masks that are made of charcoal that stick to our face,
and then we rip them off. – I don’t like ripping in any fashion. – I have mentally and
emotionally and spiritually prepared myself for this moment. I’m ready to extract
the shit out of my skin. – Do people notice blackheads? – Probably girls. – Girls. (chuckles) – All the Korean girls, they
have like, flawless skin. – They do. – So I have to live up
to that expectation. – You need, yeah. Korean beauty dreams will all come true. – What is this? This is space. This is space product. – Make sure you get your T-zone. Do you know what T-zone is? – I know what the T-zone is.
(laughs) – Can you just pretend like
you didn’t know, so I– – Yeah, tell me about the T-zone, Evan. – Here we go.
– Yeah, yeah. – Put it around your eyelids. – No, no, no. There’s no pores. I don’t need anything
to peel off my eyelids. – Going to get in the
crooks and the crannies of your nose, girl. The little trolls underneath the bridge. – They should give us a tool. – That would be so nice if
they had a little paintbrush. – Doesn’t taste like anything. – Oh wait, it says do not eat. Or you’ll die. – Do you want it on your mustache? – I think my face is done. (laughing) – These are comfortable. There’s no burn to this. It’s tightening, but
it’s supposed to tighten. (gasps) – Can you hear that? – Can I peek really fast underneath? (gasps) – Watch me flex my face and
watch little pieces come up. – Whoa, holy! It’s had enough of you, Keith. – Yeah, it’s just like, I’m done. – You got to slow down. – I’m in so much pain. – Yeah, that’s blackheads. – Is it? There are all those blackheads. – I don’t know. All my blackheads are still there. Maybe I should’ve waited longer. – Don’t take it off early,
because it looks like a piece of poo. – Here’s the half of my face. I could just wear it back like that. – Wow, it definitely
does pull up some oil. This is incredible. – This does not work well with hair. It is trapped on my eyebrows. – Look at this beauty right here. – Oh, I can see Evan’s face. – I know. – My skin feels nicely moistened. Sometimes masks make my face feel dry. – And also, I feel like I pulled off a whole layer of skin, and now this is the freshness under layer.
– Well, we did. Look at this. – All the dead skin’s gone. – I have been born again. – Yeah, your skin looks great. And my skin’s usually really sensitive, and it’s not red at all,
which is really surprising, because I just ripped it off my face. – All right, it’s time to go audition for a K-Pop group now. – Can we learn the dance now? – Let’s go. – Let’s go, all right.

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