Payday 2 VR: Alesso Heist Crackdown

TERA: Unnoticed. You’re real funny, Bain. You’re real funny. TERA: Where’s the security room? TERA: It’s up here. GANDURO: Kay TERA: I’ll get this party started. GANDURO: Well, I got open one door. TERA: Cameras are down. GANDURO: Kay. I’m opening the second door. TERA: I’m going to hide here because I’ve got 75 detection. Heh. GANDURO: *laughs*
TERA: I don’t even know how I made it this far. GANDURO: Not in here. TERA: It’s foreshadowing, this is. GANDURO: Another closet? Where? GANDURO: Oh, fuck. Kay. GANDURO: Going loud.
TERA: We’re going loud? Hehehe. GANDURO: Well at least I got two. TERA: That was a lot of exclamation points. GANDURO: Should put at least a silencer on my… GANDURO: Ah, Judge. So I can at least do some basic- TERA: You should – you should do like me and put a silencer on your Brenner, the light machine gun. GANDURO: Heh TERA: It’s got a silencer on it. GANDURO: There’s another door there.
TERA: Kay. GANDURO: Right there.
TERA: Got it. GANDURO: And the last one is…somewhere far below. GANDURO: Oh, you can leave Joy down. TERA: Alright, well I’m headed past her anyways, so… TERA: *annoyed sound* TERA: I got a spare hostage over here if you need one. TERA: There’s one over here.
GANDURO: Okay TERA: Yeah. Right there. TERA: Sorry dude. TERA: I’ll DJ. *dance dance dance :D* *shoot shoot shoot* *dance dance dance* GANDURO: ♫ Do do do do do do ♫ TERA: ♫ do do do do ♫ Hehehe. *moar dancing!* TERA: Fuck! I missed what it was. TERA: Oh wait, no, I’m good. We’re good. TERA: Fucking- TERA: I’m down. GANDURO: Cloaker? TERA: Nah, just doing something stupid. TERA: I’m down and grey. I’m just gonna drop one here. TERA: Ahhh. TERA: Ugh.
GANDURO: *gasps* TERA: I hate driving. TERA: Ugh. I keep glitching through it. GANDURO: *indistinct noise* GANDURO: Boop boop boop boop, right here. GANDURO: Heh. TERA: Could I get a first aid kit? GANDURO: Yeah.
TERA: Thanks. TERA: Finally, Jeez. Alright. TERA: K TERA: Hello. TERA: C’mon. TERA: Fuck. Of course. TERA: Pfffft.
*both laugh* TERA: You fuck. TERA: Idiot. TERA: Ow. TERA: Hang on. TERA: Probably going to have a hostage with the joker, in a sec. GANDURO: Let me trade.
TERA: Yeah. GANDURO: Let me trade – I think it’s my last one. GANDURO: Yeah! I got it. TERA: Okay
GANDURO: I can finally stop wearing this stupid mask now. TERA: Heh. How nice. TERA: Three more. TERA: I hear cloakers… GANDURO: Heh TERA: Ow. TERA: Fuck, come on. Okay. TERA: Is that the last bag? Yeah. GANDURO: Yeah.
TERA: Okay. TERA: Let’s run while they’re distracted by Ethan. GANDURO: Heh GANDURO: *surprised noise*
TERA: Hello! TERA: Do you wanna just buckle down until the wave ends? GANDURO: Yeah
TERA: Since it’s the last bag, I don’t want to push it. GANDURO: I think this is the time
TERA: Yeah TERA: C’mon GANDURO: Come on, Teria!
TERA: I know, I know. There we go. TERA: Nice. TERA: Take that, cloaker fucks. TERA: Alright.

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