Oxygen Facials : Removing Cream Based Facial Masks

We’re going to remove all of the Saran Wrap
sections at once, and you can just roll that up, and throw that excess stuff away, and
you just want to remove the excess product that’s left on her skin, like so. You can
also use a nice, warm towel as well, and you just want to make sure everything is nice
and removed, so with the mask, the oxygen mask, her skin has really absorbed the focus
oxygen ingredients, and her skin is nice and soft, and I’m ready for her day. Her pores
are nice and closed, and we can move on to applying an appropriate SPF, which we’ll do
here, and you want to always use at least a 30, SPF 30, especially with the harsh rays
of the sun these days, and I always bring it all the way down to the neck. You can even
touch her declatay area, as well as her ears. Make sure that’s nice and rubbed in. Ok, so
your clients can benefit from an oxygen treatment, at least every four weeks. You can mix it
in with other customized facials, you might have to offer, but there’s no harm in getting
an oxygen treatment, at least every four weeks or so. Really, they benefit all skin types,
so I’m sure that your clients will just notice an overall, softer feel to their skin tone
and texture, and they’ll probably ask you for another oxygen treatment on their next

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