Oryza sativa, also known as rice is one
of the oldest cereal grains in the world, tracing back to 5000 BC China. Over time female rice farmers noticed the brightening and smoothing effects rice had on their skin. Since this discovery, Asian women would
bathe in rice water and use rice powder in their beauty routines to maintain
flawless skin and a youthful appearance. In this video, I’m going to tell you five
reasons why you need rice to achieve the radiant baby soft skin you’ve always
wanted. And stick around til the end for access to our free ebook glossary on the best Korean beauty skincare ingredients. For the best beauty and skincare advice,
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video every Saturday. H!i I’m Marissa and I’ve worked in the cosmetics industry for 15 years. I’ve helped hundreds of women including myself transform their skin with the power of rice. Good carbs. Carbs, in this case is a good thing. The starch contained in rice bran is a natural anti-inflammatory that soothes
irritations such as rashes, eczema and burns. On top of that, rice starch
contains astringent and cooling properties thus tightening pores and
making this an ideal solution for acne breakouts. Are you excited about rice yet?
Comment good carbs below. Protein up! Rice bran contains proteins that stimulate cell growth, repair damaged skin, and prevent wrinkles and sagging. No wonder geishas had the smooth skin of a baby’s bum. Miracle Minerals Rice contains two, amongst a few, very skin pleasing minerals. Selenium maintains skins elasticity and reduces inflammation and magnesium balances oil production and protects your skin from acne breakouts. It’s like a whole freakin vitamin shop for your face. Aside from vitamin E which is an antioxidant that moisturizes, It also contains all the skin, hair, and nail
friendly B vitamins, including vitamin b3 also known as niacin. Niacin suits eczema, acne, rosacea, dermatitis, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, aging and dry skin. But here’s the kicker. It also has vitamin K. Vitamin K has been known to fade spider veins, bruises, scars, stretch marks and heal burns and rosacea. Acids on acids on acids Rice bran contains different kinds of acids to strengthen and protect your skin. Ferolic acid is an antioxidant that shields your skin from aggressive free radicals laying in a wait to attack your skin. It also enhances the stability and the efficacy of vitamin C and E. Rice also contains anti-aging amino acids, which are the building blocks of your skin. Amino acids protect your skin from UV damage, prevent the breakdown of collagen and elastin and speeds your skin’s healing process. As you’ve seen from our previous videos, acids are an important part of your skincare routine. Rice contains two chemical exfoliating acids. An alpha hydroxy acid called phytic acid which increases blood flow to your skin And a glycolic acid called allantoin which promotes growth of new skin cells, rapid cell renewal and retains moisture. Rice really is an all-in-one skin care ingredient must-have for all skin types. So is our soy and rice scrub mask. This multitasking machine can be used as a scrub, cleanser, and or mask. It contains rice bran powder and rice protein with zero cheap fillers for the smoothest softest brightest skin. I’m sure you’re curious about other unique k-beauty skin care ingredients. To find out more, download our free skin care ingredients glossary ebook, exclusive to our YouTube subscribers. For access, click the link in the description below. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you liked it, give us a thumbs up and subscribe. What other skincare ingredients do you
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  • I never knew or imagined that rice was so beneficial for your skin. I am so fascinated by this. Thank you for the incredible info as always!

  • good carbs!

  • My skin loves any thing rice based from Sabbatical Beauty! I cannot wait for the new Carol Serum. ❤️

  • I have fallen in love with Rice against the patriarchy and had forgotten about soy and rice! Reaching into my fridge today! 😍

  • I also use rice-based product. It's called milksoap by Natuwrel. Check this brand out. this brand uses rice as its importance in every range of products formulated. my skin getting better and better after 2- month application. it's organic so will take a awhile to progress.

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