ONION HAIR GROWTH OIL FOR LONG, SHINY HAIR| long hair| onion benefits for hair| sania skincare

hii guys..welcome back to my channel in this video i am going to share a wonderful remedy that will make your hair long,healthy,thick and lustruos…and also treats your dandruff problem soo..lets start this remedy for this we need 1 onion grate the onion and strain the juice out of it let me tell you the benefits of onion onion is a rich source of sulphuric acid sulphuric acid promotes hair growth and solves itchy scalp, dandruff problems you can use half onion as it would be enough to make 2 tspn onion juice you can use it according to length of your hair strain the onion juice and take in a bowl… now take another bowl and add 2 tspn of onion juice after this we will add castor oil-1 big tbspn castor oil promotes hair growth thus increasing the length of your hair next am adding secret oil 1 tspn.. if u want to know the remedy let me know in the comment section below mix all the ingredients really well it looks soft silky..apply this product with help of cotton ball onto your scalp as well as length of your hair and maessage thoroughly keep for half n hour and wash off with your preferred shampoo this remedy works great to make your hair lengthy and to remove dandruff problem thankyou for watching my video… donot forget to like. share. comment. and subscribe to my channel..bye for now

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