one ingredient for facial beauty / toner ,facial and mask by using fennel /saunf. eng sub,urdu,hindi

salam to all I am Dr salma waqas today I am going to discuss about an ingredient that is very important for your many organs if you eat , this is equally important for your beauty this is fennel seeds ancient people use fennel to cure snake bite and to purify body in Ayurvedic medicines fennel is still use to treat skin problems and to detox body fennel is antiseptic ,anti inflammatory use to prevent infections it contain limonene and anethole which is very good to treat acne fennel is safe to use ,anyone can use it astringent effect on skin, shrink large open pores of skin make skin tight ,reduce excess oil and detox your skin make skin fresh and wrinkle free you can make toner ,facial and mask by using fennel lets start making these if you use fennel skin toner .it will cleanse your skin ,shrink pores ,remove oil ,prevent from skin problems remove dirt and debris and hydrate your skin method boil 2 to 3 spoons of fennel seeds in one cup water , boil for 3 to four minutes when cool ,add fennel essential oil to it (few drops ) now filter it apply on your skin by cotton ball .you can apply 3 to 4 times per day you can use in summers to make your skin fresh for fennel steam facial one tablespoon fennel seeds add in 1 liter water . now boil it now pour in a pot and cover your head and neck by towel and take steam for 5 minutes 2 times in a week . it will clean pores and give glow to skin for fennel face mask take fennel 1 spoon ,boiling water half cup ,mix both now cool it ,add oat meal 1 spoon ,honey 1 spoon and make a paste apply on face for 20 minutes and then wash with water fennel is very good for skin beauty ,it has cooling effect on skin LIKE ,SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE

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