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Hello and welcome to the latest video on
The Omega 3 Zone channel. In this video we cover the first of a number of
foods that provide those omega 3 essential fatty acids that are vital to help maintain the upkeep of the health of your vital body organs and
skin. You see, the Omega 3’s compete with the Omega 6’s that are produced
by the processed and ultra-processed foods that are comprised of most peoples’
diets of today. The problem with this is that a constant high level of omega 6’s in
your diet is inflammatory and can lead to chronic illnesses and diseases such
as diabetes, cancer, heart problems, dementia and so on. And because your body’s cells are likely to be predominantly full of omega 6s, your risk level of
ending up with one of these serious conditions is increased accordingly. Now, the reason why omega 3s are vitally essential is because the fatty
acids are anti-inflammatory, and to get your body back into optimal health you
need to have an omega-6 to omega-3 balance of less than 3:1, ideally
1:1. To achieve this your omega 3 intake is required to enable your body’s cells to absorb the omega 3s whilst kicking out the omega 6s. Your
body’s cells regenerate over a period of four months, so by taking action now you
will be taking a big step in getting your body to a much healthier level, whilst significantly reducing the risk of contracting harmful illnesses and
diseases. So, if you’re serious about bringing your body or mind into a
healthy and a healthier state, simply by finding out about the benefits of omega 3 and omega 3 fatty acids, watch this video to the very end. Omega 3 Foods – Fish as a Source of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. In the
first part of this series: “What Foods Are High in Omega 3”, you discovered how
important the role omega 3 plays in your health. And identifying the source
of the omega 3 nutrients to help get the best from your Omega 3 food. Plus, you were introduced to the three main types of omega 3 fatty acids that
can help you choose your omega 3 foods. So, how important is it to you and your
family’s well-being, achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle? In this
video, we look at the first type of food that play a crucial role in reaching and living that healthy lifestyle. Before your head starts swimming with delicious
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the very end to get access to a FREE pdf download entitled: “Sugar Addiction – The Shocking Findings of a Processed Poison”. So, here’s the first type of food
that provides that vital role in your overall health and well-being: #1. Fish. Fish is an essential source of omega 3 fatty acids. However, not all fish are equal, so it’s vital to learn which categories of fish provide the omega 3 essential fatty acids for your benefits. Fish is not everyone’s
favourite food, but you are spoilt for choice, so there should be something here that you like. Oily fish – this includes: (1) Salmon; (2) Sardines; (3) Mackerel; (4) Herring (sometimes
called kippers); (5) Anchovies; (6) Sprats; (7) Trout; (8) Carp; (9) Eel. And then there are the white fish, as follows: (10) Cod; (11) Haddock; (12) Flounder; (13) Sea Bass; (14) Sea Bream; (15) Sturgeon; (16) Halibut; (17) Shark; (18) Marlin; (19) Swordfish; (20) Tuna. Followed by the shellfish: (21) Shrimp; (22) Prawns; (23) Mussels; (24) Squid; (25) Crab; (26) Oysters. Other fish and shellfish
include: pilchards, whitebait, plaice, turbot, and langoustines, plus many more. As you can see, you’re spoilt for choice. Just to mention the mouth-watering dishes you
can make with that lot! Do you like chips? One fish item that is neither oily fish, white fish or shellfish, and is rich in omega 3 is caviar (which are the eggs of the
sturgeon). Depending on the source of your information, an omega 3
intake per day should be from 250 milligrams to a thousand milligrams, and
even more up to four thousand milligrams. According to the USDA Food Composition
Database oily fish can contain from 500 milligrams to over 1,500 milligrams per 3
ounce of cooked portion, so you only need to eat this a couple of times a week. White fish and shellfish contain up to 1,000 milligrams per three-ounce cooked
portion. Take Note: (1) It’s also important to not eat too much fish, for some fish
are higher in other nutrients that are detrimental to pregnant women and
breastfeeding mothers. So it’s always worth discussing with your local doctor to
ensure that you are consuming the right quantities; (2) In some cases shark,
marlin and swordfish should be avoided completely because of their potentially
higher mercury content, especially if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. (3) Allergies to fish, especially shellfish, are common so be mindful of,
and keep an eye on children, eating shellfish; (4) On a more general note,
always ensure that the environment in which you are buying, cleaning and
cooking fish is of a higher standard, to avoid ending up with those upset
stomachs that can so easily occur. It’s very noticeable that people in those
countries where oily fish is a bigger component of their daily diet, such as in
the Mediterranean and Asia, especially Japan, that heart disease is much lower
compared to countries where oily fish is eaten far less, such as in north America and northern Europe (especially in the UK and Germany). As you can see, the sea provides a great source of omega 3, and fish is not the only provider of
these essential fatty acids, as you’ll find out in a later video. In the next video
we’ll list the second category of omega 3 foods that you can use for making
delicious dishes. Kindly note: the content of this video DOES NOT constitute medical advice in any shape or form, and has been created for passive informational purposes only. If you like the content in this video, and
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satisfying your healthy appetite. Thanks for watching. Until next time…. bye for now!

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