Oily skin treatment with Skin Saver Kit provides skin cleansing, skin hydration, skin moisturizing

hi, guys, I have a wedding to attend to today was my boyfriend and I thought I’d show you quickly what I do before I get my makeup done I’m pretty much going to put on a face mask I did sit in while I am doing my hair and you can see I shower just now but I’ve been really loving this product it’s called purifying and cleansing mask by young and free Josefa Skincare cosmetics it has like red algae to infuse to it so it makes your skin really nice and supple and really good really hydrated so I’m just gonna take like a tiny bit of it as you can see it’s like a clay so what I like to do pretty much going to focus it on the areas so what I like to do pretty much going to focus it on the areas that I need help with the most so for me it’s like right over here now you really here for a couple of minutes I rinse off my hands do not need like a lot of this stuff you just need enough to cover the surface area and because I use this a couple times a week I am pretty much just gonna focus it would be honest with you it is so tight so I’m quickly gonna rinse this off and we’re going to show you what my skin looks like after this mask so as you guys can see the mask already started to dry when it dries it gets really really tight so I feel like I’m 10 years younger okay guys so this is what my skin looks like after the mask I feel like it really cleanse my skin really really well I feel like my skin is really fresh really clean and running for a good moisturizer and some awesome makeup so that’s three little tip for you today and if you have any questions again always more than happy to help you guys out and I don’t know I’m kind of running a little bit late so a post and I look for tonight

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