Nugg Beauty CUCUMBER Face Mask FIRST IMPRESSIONS & Review!

What up guys?! Ashley Elizabeth here
with AEHM artistry and I hope you guys are all doing good out there! I’ve had quite a rough weekend/week! If you guys follow my Snapchat or Instagram
stories you’ll know, but I’m feeling better and I decided to take a little
bit time for myself and do a face mask! So I went up to the makeup stores up in LA yesterday. I stopped by Naimies Beauty Center and I picked up the Nugg face mask. I don’t you guys have seen these all
over Instagram, but I have and it’s kind of becoming like the new “[Viral] Instagram thing”. Well let’s see if it’s really worth all of the fuss! So, this is the Nugg, I
think I’m saying that right “Nugg” face mask deep cleansing cucumber extract and Jojoba oil. So, I’ll just say the Nugg cucumber face mask. So, I picked up one of these they’re for $3.99 US. They had a bunch of singles up in
the little Travel section. Now I researched a little bit, to make
sure you guys would be able to get it first, obviously, and I saw that it was
available pretty much just online at the moment. Unless you are local to LA, then
you can get it up there. But I did see a lot of multi packs and stuff through
Amazon and through Target [website only]. So I’ll link those down below. There’s not much on the
little singles, but it’s a cucumber extract and jojoba oil for an ultra
clean shine free look. I looked it up on the website too, just because I wanted
to know a little bit more about why I should pick the cucumber. They had like five or six different singles. They had hydrating, purifying, everything. This one sounded like it was perfect for my skin, after battling and the flu. I’m just
gonna read a quick little snippet of it from the Nugg website to tell you more
about the cucumber mask, specifically. Supposed to be a two-in-one face mask
built for deep cleansing the skin, for all skin types, by helping absorb shine at
the same time hydrating and soothing skin. Which is exactly what I need! Three-time winner for Allure’s best of beauty award. 98% natural and
nationally derived ingredients, including jojoba butter, cucumber extract, and aloe
juice. And it’s formulated all without mineral oil, chemical emulsifiers, parabens, and synthetic fragrances/colors. Because we don’t need that to
help our skin, we just don’t! So that’s great that they
left it all out. Just so you know, this company is cruelty-free and manufactured in the USA. Clever single-serve facial pods are
perfect for on-the-go and keeps product fresh until use. I don’t know about
you, but I buy a lot of face masks. And I hate when I go to use one that I loved
but I haven’t picked it up in a couple months and it’s all dried out. So this seems like a good solution for that. If they are good. This one’s supposed to be a
gentle non drying gel formula ideal if you want an effective cleanse that is
gentle and nourishing instead of something that leaves you feeling tight
and dry. I hate that tight, dry feeling! That’s why I don’t use bar soap on my
body. I’m a total liquid gal because I hate feeling tight and oh I don’t like
it! I like feeling moisturized and supple. Maybe cuz I have alligator skin, so I’m
like give me all the moisture! But I also still like feeling clean, so I don’t want
to have any build-up! So, I’m hard to please! Okay, time to dig into this little
sucka! So, it’s this little foil top. Oh it smells really nice. You guys want to smell? When are they gonna invent smellivision? Am I right? That would just make the youtube
experience all the difference! Smelly-telly, I’ll tell you. It smells like I can’t even describe. It’s spa-like, but not intense. Very nice, very
nice. So it’s a creamy kind of consistency. They’re saying its a gel, but that’s
creamy to me. It’s really gel-like but let’s dig in and feel it. So, I’m gonna
use a little brush, just because it’s a little bit more mess free. Now I read that they recommend that this is only single use and throw it away. But I’m very waste not, want not type of gal, though. So, I don’t know. I have a very
small face and usually any sample packets can last me a few uses. So let’s see, I might be able to save some of it. Honestly, if you’re not applying your
face masks, that are thin, with a brush… it just takes it to a whole nother level,
let me tell you! Feels so nice. Just a little spa treatment, to kind of relax
you. It feels really nice going on. It’s like a nice creamy lotion, almost a little gel-like. I can see the slippage in the
description of the gel. Ok, so this does say to leave on for
5 to 15 minutes. You can either remove it with a wet washcloth or just rinse it all off and pat dry. So I will do it for the full 15 minutes and then I will check back in and tell you guys how my skin feels. Ok, hold on. So, I just did some research and I looked up everywhere… and everywhere said to use the whole pod. So, I’m gonna go against my better judgment and go ahead and use up the whole thing! Truly slather it on and do this exactly how they say to do it. Give it a real
first impressions, huh? Cuz it ain’t fair to give it full first impressions, if you
don’t do it with how they recommend. So, lets full on do it! Right? Let’s just do it, okay? So, it goes against my thrifty girl, you know, feeling. To just slather
this sucker on. There, the whole thing is on my face! You can completely see it. This thing is completely empty. Ok, I don’t want any you guys saying “you’re supposed
to use the whole thing!” cause I just used the whole thing! Now I’ll check back in
with you in 15 minutes Ok, timer just went off! So I’ll actually take it off
with a dampened cloth. This feels so nice on the skin, by the
way. I’ll do a quick rinse and pat dry. Ok, so face is all clean. So to tell you a little bit about how the mask felt on… it’s very odd, I almost felt like a
slight warm sensation. It might have totally be in my head, but it just felt
very nice and calming and soothing. The creamy consistency just felt really
good on my skin. I don’t use a lot of creamy gel masks and that one was
really nice. Now my skin does NOT feel tight, does not feel dry or anything. It just feels very clean and no residue left over though. So, clean feeling but
not tight and gross. So they are right about that! Yeah and I just inspected my
skin and I feel like I’m looking a little bit more fresh. I can kind of see
things pulling through, it look a little tiny bit of pink, but I was kind of that
way anyways. So yeah, as far as like a little kind of mini spa treatment at
home, I definitely felt like I kind of got that result! Especially using that
brush and especially taking off with a nice warm rag. So, if you’re looking for a
little spa treatment at home, I definitely feel like you should give
this one a shot! So far so good. Would I buy this again, just off the first
impressions, yes. I would buy some more again and try out some more. Obviously
with all masks there’s always like a “do I have a reaction after a couple days”? So you want to make sure that you follow my social media accounts because I always
update you guys there on my Instagram and snapchat. I’ll put my links down in
the description box and you can follow me because sometimes my first
impressions are like you know things are great and then a couple days later it’s
like what just happened? Or things I don’t like, but I’ll keep trying over and
over and over again until I can make it work, and I try to do update videos for
you guys when I can but I don’t always have time to film everything. So at least
I can update you guys on social media! And obviously in the comments below. So I
sometimes put comments down there too. That you guys can see, I’ll pin it at the
top. Thank you guys so much for watching! Before you fall down the rabbit hole,
which is YouTube, please go down and hit that SUBSCRIBE button! I post makeup, hair,
beauty, skincare, all things beauty related
and I post two times a week! One little message I want to drive home to you guys… is don’t forget to take time for yourselves! It’s so important to carve
out a little piece of either your week or day to just sit there and just relax.
Whether it’s reading a book, whether it’s watching a 15 minute YouTube video,
whether it’s putting a face mask on, something that can help you recenter. That’s my little kumbaya message that i have for you guys today. I hope you enjoyed
and have a great lovely day!

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