No Pain, No Downtime, Laser Treatment You Can Do On Accutane

– Hi everyone, this is The Skin Saint and I’m excited to talk to you
about a new revolutionary way that we can help acne. This micro pulse
technology that I’m doing, can actually reduce acne
by 50% in just 24 hours. The client results have
been 100% satisfaction rate, it’s revolutionary, we don’t
always have to use chemicals or anything like that. People can even have it on Accutane, within six months of Accutane, which is usually a big no no with any type of laser
treatment that we do. So it’s a combination of the micro pulse with some topicals that I’m
gonna be using on people, customized to their skin. So as you can see in some
of these before and after’s, we’ve never seen anything
that can do this. Not even Accutane,
nothing orally can do it, not even our ablative
lasers can get these results in 24 hours and we can do it
without pain, without downtime. I can do it on any ethnicity. You’re gonna see less redness, less acne, you really see that
inflammation going down. You’re gonna see more even skin toned, and the skin’s gonna just
look healthier overall and we’re gonna rebuild a little bit of that re texturing with that scarring. So we’re so excited to
have this breakthrough and show you everything you can do and if you’re suffering from acne and you haven’t gotten the results, come on in and try this. In as little as three
treatments every other week, or if you’re more advanced, we recommend five, but even from that first
appointment that 24 hours later you’re gonna see a change in the skin. No peeling, no aggravation, nothing. So a lot of the kids that
we have that are in school or in college, they can’t do downtime, it’s always been so hard to
help those particular patients or clients because they
can’t do that downtime, and now we have something revolutionary that is going to change your life.

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