No More Mama: A Tattletail Song [By Random Encounters]

*Tattletail laughter* Sparrow: *surprised gasp* Tattletail: Tattletail! That’s me! Tattletail: Uh oh! Mama: Mama’s coming! Tattletail: Scary! Sparrow: *quietly* Flashlight, flashlight… Mama: Mama will look after you! Tattletail: Give me a treat! Sparrow: Sh-sh-sh-shhh… (Tattletail: Give me a treat!) Sparrow: Ugh… (Tattletail: Give me a treat!) Tattletail: Mmmmm! Tattletail: Brush me! Sparrow: Really? (Tattletail: Brush me!) Sparrow: Ugh, fine, fine, fine, fine… (Tattletail: Brush me!) *Tattletail laughs* Tattletail: Uh oh! Sparrow: *squeal of fear* Tattletail: Mama hates you… Sparrow: *gasp* Tattletail: Uh oh! Tattletail: *slowed down* Uh ooooh… Tattletail: *slowed down* Uh ooooooooh…. Tattletail: *slowed down* Uh ooooooooh…. Sparrow: *gasp* (Tattletail: Uh oh!) Tattletail: Mama’s watching… Sparrow: Ahh! (Mama: Come to Mama…) Tattletail: Ah! Ahh! Mama: Mama’s looking after you! Tattletail: Me Tattletail! Me love you! Hehehehehehe! Tattletail: Uh oh! (*cat meows*) Sparrow: How many easter eggs did you catch? Let us know in the comments! Sparrow; Also, if you want your very own Tattletail plushie, you can find it at ‘FabroCreations’ on! Sparrow: If you liked this song, download it on iTunes… Sparrow: …and if you like me, subscribe to my channel, and maybe watch the costume video I did. Sparrow: I’ll see you when I see you! Mama: Beard salute! Oooooooh! Sparrow: Thanks to our Patreon Encounterers including LJay Richardson.

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