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  • ik that this is stupid but this reminds me of naruto and sasuke just because of their faces and hairs

  • 2019 and this song still touches my heart

  • The pic looks like Solangelo

  • Am I the only one here in 2019??

  • Looking good as always Rat! 😍❤

  • Putting this song and no.6 together…I cried

  • im smiling, but that doesnt mean im happy

    im laughing, but that doesnt mean i find it funny

    im eating, but that doesnt mean i want to

    im hearing, but that doesnt mean im listning

    im living, but that doent mean ive tried not to

  • My interpretation of this song: Some self-harm scars fade but some stay with you forever leaving you with reminders of what you did to yourself.

  • Hôm qua bốc thăm trúng con số 9. Ông trời thương con quá. Ngồi kế đứa số 4 và số 7 nữa. Perfect. 😍😍😍😍

  • When you slam your hand in a door by accident

  • my friend suffers bulling by bullies and a fake friend who treated her as a friend but now speak about her behind her back . she tries not to cry hearing everything he is saying then going outside with her other friend to more bullies . I see it happen to her friend and her each day. but she is unique i hope she sees this

  • I’m gonna cry lol
    My girlfriend broke up with me

  • 2019???

  • This song represents me…so much….😔😔

  • Wanna know the definition of betrayal?

    Read more

  • whos still leastining 2019?

  • I hate living I just can't know more everyone hates me

  • sad songs bring me every time to cry

  • aww i love this anime :L I cried when Nezumi and Shion seperated from eachother at the end

  • who else is reminded of Yuu and Mika from seraph of the end when the see that picture.

  • My battle scars are the ones that my fight with depression left, and I am still fight against it till this day

  • Every time I stub my toe I say "THESE BATTLE SCARSSSSS" instead of "ow" or "damn it" XD

  • Who's also a NO. 6 fan?❤

  • All the boys used to sing this at school and it annoyed the hell out of me. Now I understand what things like anxiety and depression are I've really come to appreciate this song.

  • I’m the worst
    I’m the ugliest
    I’m the depressed
    I’m the one who has anxiety
    You’re perfect…Absolutely perfect

  • Anime and VERY GOOOOOD SONGS are the best

    like if you want a second season where Rat and Shion reunite

  • That blue hair guy looks like a character from brotherly

  • they battle scars arnt fading they arnt leaving… am I all alone??? I feel like I am. I'm all alone…

  • 2019?

  • relate to much to this song

  • who though this is YATO and YUKINE and click this
    in the end its not ;-;

  • Who I Am ?

  • This was my ex gf and me's song im so sad…

  • i do enjoy it

  • Nightcore
    More like

  • your face isn't a mask Don't cover it

    Your skin isn't paper
    Don't cut it

    Your head isn't a target
    Don't shoot it

    Your neck isn't a hanger
    Don't hang it

    Your heart isn't a door
    Don't lock it..

    Your life isn't a film…
    Don't end it..
    Live your life to the fullest ignore the haters there just jealous

    If your reading this your beatiful/handsome!

    Edit: i found this ages ago its not mine i don't think i deserve all the credit i just wanted to inspire people some of the words were mine tho

  • Omg i think i broke the replay button!?

  • I actualy have a real "battle scar" (well I like to see it as one" from when I broke my arm, not only that but also my right hand is numb

  • i didn't know this was shounen ai

  • Are there Yato and Yukine?

  • Me just doing front flips to this song and crying at the same time

  • when you have chosen the dark side..

  • tho no.6 is one of my fav animes, also i love this song

  • this kinda looks like a younger version of Allen and Kanda

  • I love dis song yay

  • look,
    i just want to say
    dont trust everybody saying they have depression
    Some actually do have and i feel horrible for having to say this beacuse we should not have this problem
    i was scammed a somebody faking depression
    he said he needed money for therapy
    many others have also been scammed
    i am sad as hell to have to even say this
    i hate human beings pragging about gaining hundreds out of faking a serious mental ilness
    multiple people with depression cant get help on the internet beacuse nobody knows if they are faking it
    sincerely, a piece of toast

  • appreciate the art!
    anime: No. 6

  • I see Nezumi and Shion,

    I click.

  • I haven't heard this song in ages 😭😭😭

  • When your arms suffered from battle scars

    I made a glove to cover it up so I wouldn't pick at the scabs. My dad made me take it off.
    Sweaters and jackets are too hot here. I put on small fingerless gloves instead.
    8-9 months later my dad finally notices and lectures me. I told him that the glove helped but he made me take it off. He then told me I shouldn't have picked at them. He blames me I guess…
    Only my close friends know the truth.
    Don't cut guys…
    The damage can't be fixed
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Hugs to all of you

  • Im alright. Im content. But why the hell do i keep streaming depressing songs😭😭

  • When I was smaller I didn’t know what this song meant, now I do..

  • I hate that they never got together in the end of this anime.

  • 2

  • Every time ask the girls out of mah class
    “What’s on your arm?”
    I said: “Battle scars I got into a fight and yeah.”
    Next time they ask it again cuz its more
    I said: “Still the Battle scars and my cat were mean.”

    An little girl asked the same
    Me: “Battle scars”
    Her: “WoW your so cool you!”
    Me: “No I’m not if you see someone with this hug them”

    An Year later

    She remembered what I said and saw me

    She Hugged me
    I’m so happy

  • Everyone is commenting about how they have depression and anxiety

    I'm one of them but…
    I lost not only my friend…
    I post my brothers…
    My grandpa…
    I lost…


    But I don't give up…
    I try…
    I learn…
    I am brave….
    You should be glad that you have friends and family while you still have them… Be yourself

    Love yourself
    Don't hurt yourself
    Be what you want to be
    Just be free… 😊

  • Little girl: wat is on your arm?
    Me: battle scars
    Little girl: can I have some??
    Me: no u should not just promise me to hug someone and say they are beautiful
    Little girl: I promise

  • This song interests me to listen to it. Thanks for the Song Rena NC. Do you want to be friends with each other? Because this song would be in my top 10.

  • Isn't the pic a pic of a couple from a yaoi anime?

  • damn, first video and u get 16 million views

  • I love this song 💜

  • Omg the Background is the Manga called No.6 right ??? 😂😂😂 I am currently reading it 😂 the video is amazing btw ^~^

  • I was going to suggest this song, I LOVE IT

  • Mafumafu and SORARU !!! :33

  • Noragami !!! Omg !!!

  • Hope the wound heals but it never does
    That's cause u're at war with love
    U're at war with love

    These battle scars, don't look like they're fading,
    Don't look like they're ever goin' away
    They ain't never gonna change
    These battle…

    Never let a wound ruin me
    But I feel like ruin's wooing me
    Arrow holes, they never close
    from Cupid on a shootin' spree
    Feelin' stupid cause I know it ain't no u and me

    But when u're tryin' to beat the odds up
    Been tryin' to keep ur nods up
    And u know that u should know
    And let her go
    But the fear ot the uknown
    Hold another lover strong
    Sends u back into the zone

    With no Tom Hanks to bring u home
    A lover not a fighter
    On the front line with a poem
    Tryin' to write urself a rifle
    Maybe sharpen up a stone
    To fight the tanks and drones of u being alone

    I wish I never looked,
    I wish I never touhed,
    I wish that I could stop lovin' u so much
    Cause I'm the only one that is tryin' to keep us together
    When all of the signs say that I should forget her

    I wish u weren't the best
    The best I ever had
    I wish that the good unweighed the bad
    Cause it'll never be over
    Until u tell me it's over

    These battle scars, don't look like they're fadin'
    Don't look like they're ever goin' away
    They ain't ever gonna change
    These battle scars
    Don't look like they're fadin'
    Don't look like they're ever goin' away
    They ain't never gonna change
    These battle…

    U shouldn't have but u said it
    It should have happened but u let it
    Now u're down on the ground screamin' medic
    The only thing that comes is the post traumatic stresses

    Shields, body armors and vests don't properly work
    That's why u're in the locker full of hurt
    The enemy within and all the fires from ur friends
    The best medicine is to probably just let it win

    I wish I couldn't feel
    I wish I couldn't love
    I wish that I could stop cause it hurts so much
    And I'm the only one tryin to keep us together
    When all of the signs say that I should just forget her

    I wish u weren't the best
    The best I ever had
    I wish that the good unweighed the bad
    Cause it'll never be over until u tell me it's over

    These battle scars, don't look like they're fadin'
    Don't look like they're ever goin' away
    They ain't ever gonna change
    These battle scars
    Don't look like they're fadin'
    Don't look like they're ever goin' away
    They ain't never gonna change
    These battle…

    Cause u set me on fire
    I've never felt so alive, yeah
    No, hoping wounds heal, but it never does
    That's because u're at war with love

    And I'm at the point of breakin'
    And it's impossible to shake it
    See, u hoped the wound heals, but it never does
    That's cause u're at war with love
    Hope it heals but it never does
    That's cause u're at war with love!

    These battle scars, don't look like they're fadin'
    Don't look like they're ever goin' away
    I ain't ever gonna change (3x)

    These battle…

    I was bored :^^

  • I fell In love with this version 🙌😍

  • Don't think about what you've lost
    Think about all that you still have

  • I have to convince him not to go to lo…why.?..its the second time that i stop him….please explain directly because i dont understand…and to..i will tell them…

  • I am sorry if i hurt you…i understand that the battle between u and your w is still exsist……i will help you!!…but i have been still m…

  • Love you

  • I walk into the room:
    Girl: What’s on your arm
    Other girl: Yeah tell us
    Another girl: You harmed yourself didn’t you?
    Me: Ugh fine yes I hate the world

    Later that day:
    Crush: Hey whats wrong?
    Me Pov: He’s talking to me and I Don’t know
    Crush: Hello? You okay?
    Me: Okay I’m gonna tell ya

    Tells whole story

    Crush: WoW I’m so srry for thAt
    Me: It’s okay have to deal with it

  • I know this picture is from a anime I watched a while ago so I want to watch it again can you please tell me what it's called

  • Life isnt perfect everyone gets hurt in one point in life n faces difficulties n hardship but the solution isnt suicide. You might think there is not a single person who care abt u but there is. Surround urself by good things n people n focus on yourself n prove everyone wrong

  • I need some advice, I have a friend from when i was younger that i just got to reconnect with at a football game recently."shes not the one this is about". i asked her where her sister was because i haven't seen her in over five years since i moved town with my parents. she said that she was at home and whatnot nothing out of the ordinary. But when i asked how she was she said that her sister has been cutting herself for a while. there is a chance that i may talk to both of them later. if i do what do i do to try and stop her from hurting herself like this before its too late? I have known these two for a long long time and i care for both of them and i don't want anything to happen to either of them. If anyone can help me with this it would be appreciated. I don't want to take a chance on losing a friend by not trying to do anything. sorry for taking up so much of your time i just need advice on what to do.

  • Some people see the number six but all I see is a Bell and a Sasuke wannabee

  • These sniff scars(how does that make scence?)


  • Bangsat lagunya enak bgt gue puter ulang ulang terus sampe sedih :((

  • My uncle cummited suicide a couple months ago😕

  • He's right, this scars aren't ever going away…
    Ive never felt alive
    Sometimes im thinking how to die…
    Please like, to know if im the only one or have more people like me

  • Animal sounds for 3 year olds

    Doge: wOoF WoOf

    Nayan cat: meow minny meow meow meow

    Annoying people: 2019? 2019?2019?

    (And next 2020)

  • i see no.6

  • this song literally describes my thighs and forearms

  • I feel guilty for living

  • Oki.Uhh hello.I have deperssion so I listen to it this to me is the song what helps me and shows theres always light at the end of the tunnel

  • lol I dunno why I care but I wonder which character is rapping?

  • I thought this battle scar was from paradise fear, but this is still good

  • first video got 26mil views xd

  • It's higher pitches and sped up that's all but it's good

  • Always listen to this song when I'm ill. This time it's a Friday and I'm bloody sick as a dog I was sick I'm nearly always first on my house to get it yak

  • Love ain’t the only thing that heals.

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