Neuropathy, Distention, Ascites, Diabetes – Jerry B

(Music) Hello, my name is Jerry, and I’ve come to
Dr. Jaudy with multitude of issues stemming from my bout with type 2 diabetes, my congestive
heart failure. I’ve had two heart attacks, I have a stent,
and my main problem right now is also neuropathy in my legs and hands, and Dr. Jaudy’s remapping of my organs, within one week, caused me to have twenty-five bowel
movements to clear out the congestion from the
liver, which is helping me tremendously. I’ve never experienced
anything like this. I feel like a new human being, and we’ve
only started the program. An addendum to my last thought about the
bowel movements, so, I want you to make sure that they were complete and very substantial bowel movements.
I’m not talking about urine at all. This happened twenty five
times in a 24-hour period. It’s obvious that this is a direct result of
his brain-based neurological work, functioning my system a lot better than it ever has been, and it didn’t
take forever to get here. I’ve had insomnia for last 10 days, real bad, and so Dr. Jaudy has focused on my organ remapping, and the congested liver, and this is what
caused twenty-five bowel movements within a 24-hour period,
thus, I’m able to start sleeping again. Another point to make is really
important, is over the years, I’ve seen at least 30 or more integrative health physicians and
alternative health physicians, and what makes Dr. Jaudy unique
and different and able to have the answer, is he deals
with a foundation. Everyone else deals with the surface
problems, and they’re well-intentioned and have good meaning to try
to heal you, but the success is very, very limited,
and until you address the foundational problem,
because everything rests on a foundation then we get nowhere, and so in a short
period of time… this is what Dr. Jaudy starts with is
your foundational problem, and so you can see results almost
instantaneously, so I’m looking forward to the rest of the treatment plan. All I
want to tell you as a closing thought is please, don’t mess around with trying to throw
things against a wall and trying to see what sticks, because that’s what most nutritionists, etc., etc. could only
do for you. Dr. Jaudy really understands the body
from the ground up, and with his years of experience, you’re not wasting
any time getting to your problems. He can read you right away, and
assess you through his… through his own knowledge, and through the machines and
technology that he has at the office. Oh, please do not waste any further time.
I can only tell you that hope for your condition lies here in the
office in Palm Desert. Thank you. (Music)

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