NaturalRapids Charcoal Clay Healing Face Mask Review

Hi my lovely people in today video I will be bringing you this indian healing clay by naturalrapids best for blackheads acne treatment facial cleanser blackhead remover and pore minimizer It is combined with the incredible cleansing power of charcoal Which will leave you with clean and beautiful skin. This face mask is made with all-natural and organic ingredients Which deliver the key to clear beautiful skin for women and men? Without feeling like you are peeling industry glue of your face. It minimizes pores in Addition to clarifying and removing skin clog It removes toxins and impurities Located deep in our skin it works well for all skin types It controls Blemishes and keep your head face and nose looking clean. It works for oily dry sensitive and normal skin Bentonite clay helps with acne care scar remover Skin suction and tightening this means that this mask can help heal those ice pick scar That have been caused or left over from acne Effortlessly, I love to start my face routine by first cleaning my hands so I’m just going to clean my hands and then I will move on so cleansing my face I used that little face pad and along with my black soap This little pad helps to get into your skin properly and leave it clean and shiny My face is now clean I’m just going to apply my face mask to it According to the direction you can choose to use any of these liquid of your choice either water aloe vera juice or ACV- Apple Cider Vinegar I decided to use my rosewater for this I left this on my face for 15 minutes and that is what left of the one tablespoon So I just rinse it out my face feels so smooth and so soft according to the direction you will experience a little bit of redness on your face, but that normal and Actually, I have a sensitive skin So any product I use I always get redness but after a few minutes it do go away So when I’m done Washing my face. Or when I am done with my face mask I love to go in with my DIY rose water, so I’m just gonna spray some on it And then just tone my face. I love to use this as my toner After I wash my face Just love to pad it in And it’s also calming and soothing to the face So it can also help to reduce the red mark very fast Sometime I just use ponds or sometimes I use my DIY Shea butter massage your face upward do not pool your face down Then last but not least I love to go in With my Ruby stretch Looks like this Then I will just do this for about 5 minutes If you guys would love to see a in depth of my face routine how I keep my face smooth doing little – nothing if you guys Having some face issue or you having stubborn pimples? I would really encourage you to try this out because if you notice from my recent videos This I had a pimple here. That was a very stubborn pimple and Over seven days. It’s just don”t want to go And normally I just love to let it to go on its own or I would do my DIY face mask Which I’ve been very lazy to do nowaday. So I’m so excited on receiving this because the ingredients in this is similar to my DIY face mask and this can last you a Very very long time. I use just one tablespoon and I have some left for about three or two more uses so you can use very little of this and you get your entire face done and As you guys can see if you are familiar with my channel You know what I’m talking about all my recent videos, you’ll see this stubborn pimple now I can’t highly see it again. I wouldn’t advise you to use it the way I use it I became so desperate and I wanted this people to go the direction tells you to use it Once a week, but I use mine. I use mine on Monday and Then after I use it wednesday so just one day in between and then I use it on Friday so I used this three times in one week and That is what have cleared this stubborn pimple It has really reduced in size and you can’t highly notice it anymore so I would really really encourage you guys to give this a try and the price is very good and Because I think about you guys so much they were so awesome For them to give me a 10% discount code when you purchase this from them on Amazon So I would leave the discount code down below so that you guys whoever is interested in it you can give this a try If you love this video, please give me a like leave a comment down below and subscribe I will see you in my next video bye bye

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