Natural Foods: to Cure Acne

A list of healthy foods that you can eat to
cure and prevent acne. 1. Acne is a common problem nowadays, because
we tend to eat a lot of starchy and sugary foods. 2. This is a condition where the skin becomes
inflamed and pimples appear on the face and other areas. 3. In order to get cure this, there are certain
foods which you can eat which contain nutrients that your body needs to get rid of acne. 4. The following foods when eaten together regularly,
will clear up your skin in no time. Onions: These are an excellent source of selenium
which has been shown to reduce acne. Brazil Nuts: Also rich in selenium, Vitamin
E and A, which increases skin elasticity. Garlic: One of the most powerful super foods
known to man, destroys skin infections amongst other health problems. Spinach: This is loaded with Zinc, another
essential mineral required to prevent pimples. Be sure to eat lots of leafy greens. Flax Seeds: The omega-3 fatty acids will bring
down inflammation and help with scaring. Sweet Potatoes: Eating these alongside onions
is a perfect combination for reducing pimples. Apples and Oranges: Replace sugary foods with
these tasty sweet fruits to prevent the cause of acne. Almonds: 6 of these nuts a day will soon show
results with the high dose of vitamin E. Avocado: A source of natural, healthy fats. Can also be applied to the skin as a paste
to clear the pores Amla: This super food is potent in vitamin
C and boosts the immune system to clear out any underlying skin infections. Pumpkin Seeds: Yet another great source of
Zinc, see our other video on these to learn more. 5. It is also very important that you stop eating
bread, and other foods which contain lots of yeast, as these could be making your acne
worse. 6. Avoid refined sugar as much as possible, and
replace with raw manuka honey. The anti-oxidants in this will work to fight
the acne, and also give your body some essential nutrients. 7. You can also apply skin products containing
salicylic acid directly to the skin. This comes from willow trees and will clear
acne quickly. Be sure to find a product that contains no
alcohol or menthol. Thank you very much for listening, a like
is always appreciated and remember to subscribe for more healthy videos. I wish you great health, wealth and happiness.

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