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Hey guys! This is “@MISCHLOSS”, Life According to Maria, and in this
episode we are going to be talking about facial masks and how they can help
revitalize and tone your skin… stay tuned! Hey guys, welcome back, so if you hear any back ground music, it’s one of the people behind me, in this subdivision is doing some work on their
siding, I think? They have workers out there and they’re “humming” along and playing some music. I apologize, if you hear some
music but here we go… I did..I am looking over at my neighbors… just to make sure they don’t come out, I feel self-conscious talking to a camera!
I went to Asheville, North Carolina this weekend and actually went to
the Grove Park Inn and it’s a beautiful place, absolutely gorgeous mountain, and
it’s known for their curative and spa type of program that they have there so they have spas, they have thermal baths, they have facials, manicures, pedicures, couple body
massage treatment, and you can really unload some serious money there!
I just really couldn’t. So, I indulged in walking around, indulged in hiking there… I indulged in
food which was spectacular. I did go to Asheville downtown and went to a couple
of small boutiques and stores and I did pick up some essential oils and I looked
at some soap but they didn’t have anything that I really wanted and the one soap store
that was down there, I can’t remember the name of it. “Something,
something” mermaid I can’t remember. They were closed on Sunday so I couldn’t go in
there but it got me thinking you know once I came back that I really want to
do a little something for my face and I was
putting together a facial video for you guys are different face masks and so
today I put the last face mask on me that I was going to talk to you. So I’m
actually not wearing any makeup. This is about 15 minutes after I took the
last mask off and I’ll show you the bottle and a second. I got no… nothing on
I’m gonna come in kind of close so you see it. Ok this is just me being me! I do
have some “Say yes to carrots” lip balm on just cause my lips were a little I guess
chapped being up there in the mountains. And and that’s it! You see I
still have my hair, up so that it wouldn’t get all goopy with the facial. 🙂
So let’s get started. I’m gonna talk to you about the first 2 that I already
used and how I feel about that and I’m going to talk to you and end it with the one that I’ve just taken
off. All right, so the first one which one I want to show you guys and I’ve discussed
the “Beyond Belief” manufacturers a little bit before and I
can, you know, put that link down below but these are from Beyond Belief and you
can get them at Sally’s Beauty Supply and this is the Nourish and Diminish
line. It’s the orange. The orange writing on it, and this one is a
hydrating facial mask. Hope you can see that. Says here it’s got vitamin C
AHA, herbal extracts, hydrates and helps minimize the appearance of fine lines
and wrinkles. and you know I put this on it does not
it does not really tighten or make your skin taunt, it really is hydrating. I am going to put a little out here
you know, as usual I didn’t bring a towel with me to wipe anything off, but
that’s how it looks like it’s kind of “orangy” and it’s got a nice little
citrus smell to it nothing bad I’ll just rub it in here. It’s not going to harm me or anything. yeah and you see how hydrating it is. It’s
almost like having a cream. It is a little tacky, so you have to keep it on
your face for about 10 to 15 minutes That’s what I did and then you wipe it off. Then
your face is really glowing, it’s soft, again, it hydrates it. Really good for you know
dry normal to dry skin I really don’t think that it would really benefit
anyone with vastly oily skin or teenage skin. This is definitely for you know
the middle two mature ladies and gentlemen out there that want to hydrate.
So definitely recommend this… go pick it up it’s Sally’s… ok second one Same thing Beyond Belief and this one is
the “Replenish Lift and Firm” and as the name suggests this is a clay mask
and when you put it on don’t expect to talk to anyone on the phone while you
have this on! You cannot hardly open your mouth your like [funny face] and
I’ve got pictures that I took wearing of these masks by the way when I put
it on and especially with this mask into like 5, 10, 15 minutes of
drying and you’ll see it looks like fricken concrete on your face it and it’s got
this grey pasty look to it. I’m not gonna put this on my hand because it will stain me. There…. can you see that? It’s like this
gray matter it really does it is clay I mean it really is clay and it’s a moist
clay so obviously put it on your skin… and it says here with pomegranate
extract, shea butter, super fruit extract blend. Refreshes and hydrates while
improving elasticity and skin tone so definitely this is one of these masks
that if you are going out to a really swanky party and you want your skin to taunt and refreshed and just revitalized and definitely you know get that little lift
going. Put this on for you know again about 10 to 15 minutes and you
remove with a damp cloth and rinse and pat dry and you are good to go! yeah I don’t think you have to put a
primer for your foundation or anything because this sucker will take everything
off your skin it will be smooth, smooth, smooth and exfoliated so you can put
anything on there afterwards. Get yourself all gussied up tonight, so
highly recommend this. Again it is at Sally’s Beauty Supply. Ok, so now we have
an airplane above me too… “whoo-hoo” this is gonna be fun today and again really good
I highly highly recommended I keep this on hand, all the time, i don’t ever not have one of these on hand. Now this is the one that I actually used just now. The one where I
don’t have, as you can see, any makeup or anything on. This is “au naturelle” this is
how it came out so I’m kind of looking at you guys… doing one of these, you see..
This is called, it’s by Freeman “Feeling Beautiful” Charcoal and Black Sugar
Polishing Mask… comes in a very dark gray tube. Pretty big tube. It is 6 fl oz. These are
4 ounces and this is 6 oz., so really good buy on that. I don’t think I paid more than $7 dollars for this may be less than that. It’s best of Beauty Award winner from Allure magazine. So there you go obviously
someone really liked it and this is freaky. I’m gonna show you this, as best I can, again I’m not going to put
it on my hand because this is just… ok can you see that? It is a glistening
oil-based sugary “tar” looking. Now I got it on the tip, got to put it back. Getting there, but see? It’s glistening in its sugar! It’s just… like you would make your facial sugar
scrub which I’ll link back down below, because I showed you guys had to do that.
But this comes already done and it has the charcoal in it and black sugar and
basically you put this on and you’re gonna see …[laughing] I’m gonna show you the
still photographs of my face. My husband was scared of me he said I looked
hideous, but it looks like someone just basically tar and feathered you. It’s
just black shiny, oily sugar crystals all over your face. It is “blech”.. don’t
taste it…it doesn’t taste like anything, I don’t want to taste it cause
of the charcoal in it, but you can tell Do you see how oily that is?
I don’t know if you can see it. See against the sun, how oily… that is? It’s got that gleasening oil
effect to it. It’s oil! Let’s see it’s got sucrose, of course
sugar and carbon, and Kalin and banana fruit extract and coconut extract all kinds of
extracts and ginger root, papaya. Papaya is a really good exfoliate your skin soft it’s got
that acid in it all kinds of roots go into how many different extracts there
are I can’t even pronounce half of them but it just have lavender oil oil in it
so that’s one of the royals has some pretty grands and carbon charcoal
activated charcoal so there’s definitely chocolate here is my dog again it says
for all skin types so anyone can use this male female anybody I’m gonna put
that on the side so I don’t drop it and trying to get my finger so that’s it put it on there I waited about 10 15 10
minutes it it’s definitely start to give you probably by the end of the time a
little bit of an hour on see it she feeling but it’s definitely do you know
it’s on your skin and I just looked at my phone I didn’t do much in that i just
i scrubbing and you can make your fingers wet damp and then scrub it in to
your face all over all nine yard and it starts to dissolve and break down
because of the sugar obviously and then you just friends with the water water
water at the beginning and then of course you can call it off just make
sure you get every single bit off because you will walk around streaks of
charcoal around your neck or anywhere that you missed it and you don’t want to
do that like us it is not a beautiful just so
you know so that is it I think that’s all I’ve got for you guys today I hope
you do try one of the things it’s great and certainly very very much cheaper
than going to a spa I know this is a wonderful place to get away and relax
and all of that just to let you know it growth Park in I think official was
running about $260 for an hour that’s way beyond anything I can do I think
these scripts here for seven $8 $10 right you know obviously you’re not
going to get all the pampering but you know what you can have your significant
other would have gone for you massage your face you know make a little
treat out of it so however you need to do it anyway this is my life according
to Maria and I will talk to you later please subscribe and comment below if
you have a release in the country’s masks or anything that you want to share
that are reasonably priced and let let me know where you get them in our head
and I might try it and do a review on it too so please let me know please thumbs
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obviously you will be notified when I’m putting up all my new videos and I try
to put about 20 per week now I am gonna be heading back to a full time job so I
don’t know how thats all gonna effective cranking out all these videos I might
have to do a bunch of them every weekend and I just scheduled them out but I’ll
see how it goes you know life goes on as they say they keep well hydrate
beautiful day here in atlanta is the autumn are idiots October so looking
forward to many chats with you guys stay tuned bye bye

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