NATURAL FACE PACK OF POMEGRANATE PEEL POWDER II अनार के छिलकों से बने प्राकर्तिक फेस पैक II

Rubina is here with a fresh episode of F3 healthy life just for you. A welcome you all in my show. Tell me one thing We all eat pomegranate but what do you do with its peel? Its obvious that you must be throwing them. But today I’m going to tell you some benefit of pomegranate peels Once you’ll came to know about them, I’m sure you’ll never throw them. Let me you benefits of pomegranate peel. It works as an moisturiser, it restore the PH balance of our skin. It contains ellagic acid which blocks the moisture of our skin. In result our skin becomes soft and hydrate. So these were it benefits,now let me tell you how to use pomegranate peel. First of all separate its seeds Also remove the yellow portion of its peel with the help of a knife Now dry this red potion under sunlight for 3-4 days. Once they are dried, grind them in mixer & make their fine powder. So your pomegranate peel powder is ready. Keep it store in air tight container. That was the process of making pomegranate peel powder Now let me share some effective home remedies & face pack. Let’s move on towards effective home remedies and face pack. Our first face pack is for your pimples and acne. If you have acne & pimples and haven’t get any result after taking several treatments. Then Pomegranate peel can be beneficial for you. Take Dried Pomegranate peel and slightly roast them into heavy bottom pan Let it cool down, grind it and make its powder Take 2 tbsp pomegranate peel powder add 1/2 lemon juice Also add rose water so that a paste can be prepared Once this paste is ready, apply this on your acne prone skin Let it dry and wash it off with lukewarm water once its dry Do this remedy once in a day & you’ll have noticeable relief in your acne & pimples. Let’s move on towards another home remedy, if you work in outdoor maximum If your work requires to be under sunlight, then pomegranate peel powder can do wonders for you. Whenever you are going out and what ever cream you use to apply on your face Add little bit of pomegranate peel powder in it & then apply gently on your face before going out This will give you protection from UVA & UVB rays of sunlight. This will work wonder for your sunburn and also will remove skin tanning. So thee were some easy and natural face pack out of pomegranate peel powder You can also have re-growth of your hair, can strengthen your bones You can keep your gums healthy with pomegranate peel powder How to do this? That I’ll share in my next episode. Don’t forget to watch and do give your comments and feedback. Do like & share my videos on YouTube, Facebook, Whatsapp & Twitter. Also do subscribe my channel. I promise that I’ll be back with such effective home remedies & tips for you only. Till then take care..

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