Natural Face pack For Wrinkles II झुर्रियों के लिए प्राकृतिक फेसपैक II By Priyanka Saini

hi friends welcome to Priyanka’s beauty tips in now-a-day polluted atmosphere at very younger age we see wrinkles on our faces and when we consults doctors for this they prescribe us many kind of medicines which have many side effects so rather then reducing wrinkles we get many other side effects thats why I am going to tell you a home remedy for that which don’t have any side effects but it will easily help you to vanish your wrinkles ingredients we require for that are Turmeric powder Milk cream Aleo Vera gel its very good if you have aleo vera stem but if its not available you can get this gel in any chemist shop you can use that and with that honey honey is also easily available so lets start making first take milk cream in that little bit of honey add aleo vera gel turmeric powder don’t it too much after that mix it well and make paste out of it as you can see everything is mixed properly face pack is ready before applying this wash your face after that take this pack on your finger and massage it on your face in upwards direction for 15 mins after that leave it for 15 mins to dry and when it dries take cotton dip cotton in water and slowly slowly remove pack off your face then wash it off with cold water daily usage of this pack will reduce your wrinkles slowly slowly and your skin has a beautiful glow and your wrinkles will vanish permanently medical treatment have temporary effect on your whereas, but after using this pack you will have a permanent wrinkle free skin so how did you like this tip please do tell us thank you

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