Naming Cancers

this is doctor steven tucker one of the more puzzling parts of cancer
for patients is how do doctors name cancer well we name cancer based upon where the
cancer starts when cancers spread what’s called
metastasize then the cancer moves to another part of the body we don’t name the cancer for the other
part of the body we still name it for where it starts so breast cancer that’s gone to the
bones is not bone cancer it’s breast cancer in the bones and lung cancer that goes to the liver
is not liver cancer it’s a lung cancer found in the liver we know that it’s a lung cancer in the
liver based upon what’s the natural history of the
disease what it looks like under the microscope and the way it behaves overall now in the future we may start many
cancers for genetic abnormalities that we can see in the d.n.a. and increasingly when we find these
genetic abnormalities we can use medications that are
specifically targeted to those changes

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