My Struggle with Acne

Hey guys it’s Thomas here and welcome back
to my channel. Today I wanted to share with you my struggle with acne as I went
through puberty I developed quite violently I had quite bad acne from age
of 16 to 19 so when I was 17 my acne was really bad and so I put her appointment
for the doctors and the doctors prescribing is in a red
I was once in rent for about a year but it didn’t really seem to change anything
so before University I went back to the GP and said I’ve been listening out for
a year and my acne is the same is there anything else I could try so the doctor
put me on TG o which is this here which is like a little cream I use once at
night just use like a pea-sized amount you just put it all over your face
at the start it makes you break out really badly but eventually it does
really help your skin and I as well as using FPGA I also used
Cetaphil daily cleanser and seem to film moisturizer it just works with my skin
quite well and I recommend it to anyone as well as fees free topical elections I
also take single supplements which were actually recommended by one of my
chemistry lecturers in five-year he says if you think it’s really good for your
skin it’s also really good for your immune
system I started taking thing three years ago in addition we have four
Cetaphil moisturizing cleanser and Epicure and the combination of them all
really worked well to me so my recommendation is guys if you’re
struggling with acne speak to a doctor about it they’ll probably be able to
prescribe something about all really helps your skin and if you’re looking
for a cleanser and a moisturizer that what make you break out I really
recommend Cetaphil just as a brand all their products are amazing I’ve
recommend any of them so thanks for watching guys I filmed
another video about acne with Kara life and I’ll put the link in the description
below so you can see what she’s been trying to and that’s all for me today
guys thanks for watching

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