hey guys welcome back to today’s video
which is a total chit chat video so grab a snack kick off your shoes and get a
tea get a coffee and get cozy and just imagine that we’re hanging out together
and I have got a beauty secret to share with you Trevor you’ve been keeping a
beauty secret from us I know that’s what you’re asking me I can hear it from here
the secret I have been keeping is prescription strength retinol if you’ve
been watching my vlogs this week I actually got prescription strength
retinol retinol is a form of vitamin A you might have heard tretinoin
retin a retinoid all of these things help to boost collagen production
alleviating fine lines wrinkles they help with acne whiteheads blackheads
what it does is help to chemically exfoliate that top layer of skin making
your skin turn over a lot more quickly kind of like when you were younger
creating more youthful glowing skin and ever since I heard about retinol I’ve
been doing a so much research I fell down into the retinol hole and just knew
that I needed to make it a part of my skincare routine because as I’m getting
older I’ve noticed a lot of sunspots or photo damage appearing on my face which I
am not happy about so I thought meeting with the dermatologist was the best
thing to do to talk about all of my options for anti aging retinol is
literally the Fountain of Youth so I made my way to my doctor’s office I
requested a requisition for a dermatologist because I had so many
anti-aging questions there’s so much information out here on the Internet I
wanted to cut right to the chase I wanted to talk to a doctor so that’s
exactly what I did I made my way to the dermatologist we talked about all of the
anti-aging things that I could start doing we talked about retinol and yes I
did get a prescription we will get to that so if you’re ready to learn more
about the Fountain of Youth skincare ingredient or retinol exactly how to use
it to avoid burning and use it correctly for anti aging keep on watching all
right just so that we’re all clear I’m just gonna read this to you guys retinol
is a vitamin a derivative that has been proven to boost collagen production
reducing wrinkles and preventing fine lines it’s speed cell turnover evening
out discoloration brightening the skin tone and unclogging pores making them
look smaller and reducing acne so that is exactly what a retinol does the
reason you want to see a dermatologist for your retinol prescription is not
only is it up to a hundred times more potent and effective but it can also
burn the skin I talked with my dermatologist I’m actually starting at
the lowest level of this stiva a a retinol that I’m using I’m starting at
point is zero one literally sounds like nothing the next level is point zero two
five point zero five and then point one now the first thing we dermatologists
did was give me the mirror and say okay what bothers you about your skin and I
have a lot of sunspots forming I mean they’re only minor at this point but I
know they’re gonna get bigger and I know they’re there in particular along the
outside of my face I do have a couple forming under my eye as well
retinol also works fantastic for acne which I just don’t happen to have but if
you have acne it is fantastic at acne the reason I got it was to speed cell
turnover and to help alleviate all of that photo damage that I know is there
and that I know is coming now you may have heard these products called retinol
retinoids treta no ins the brand that I’m using is stieva a this is the one
that my dermatologist recommended the most she said that she finds people have
the least amount of irritation with it and it comes in two forms a cream form
and a gel form she gave me the cream form because apparently that one has
less irritation as well I should say that right now I’m actually completely
barefaced I have been using retinol for five days now and I wanted you guys to
see my skin just totally bare so we can all check it out now what I’m gonna do
is create three separate videos this is the first one in the retinol installment
next one I’ll update you guys in four weeks up to one month mark then we’ll do
eight weeks at the two month mark and then probably a 12-week video so we can
see all of the retinol benefits now I’ve been using my retinol cream for five
days now last night was the first night that I woke up with a pimple right here
but I have to say I did kind of focus the product in this area where I have
kind of like the most buildup so it might be just like my own fault other
than that I do have a little bit appealing just around my nose region
they say that you should probably avoid those nose cracks altogether but like
you know I’m in there I’m filling it up those are the only two discomforts that
I’ve seen so far is one small pimple and like a little bit of peeling but so far
so good I don’t know if it’s because I use the
cream instead of the gel that the cream is just working beautifully but so far I
am loving the results when I wake up in the morning my skin is so as smooth it
literally it feels like butter now one of the downsides about retinol is the
way that you have to apply it it is a really cumbersome part of your skincare
routine they recommend that you apply to completely dry skin because you don’t
want that retinol penetrating deep below you want it sitting on the skin surface
but here’s the kicker you need to wait at least an hour at least an hour after
washing your face before applying the retinol cream and then once you apply
the retinol cream you have to wait at least another
or before applying your nighttime cream so the whole thing is about two and a
half hours by the time you’re done what you want to do around five six or seven
o’clock basically whenever you get home is wash your face as soon as you walk in
the door after you wash your face just dry it off get it nice and dry you can
put some toner on but that is it nothing more after toner I know that
sounds like blasphemy to just wash your face and not follow with a cream but
just wash your face get all that makeup all that dirt from the day get it off
your skin do a nice toning session and then just step away and wait one hour at
the one hour mark you want to take a good pea-sized amount of your retinol
and just dab it all over your face they do say that you want to avoid the lip
and eye area as well as the creases of the nose I really haven’t avoided any of
these areas and I haven’t had any problems so far I have seen some people
say that you can lightly apply the retinol along your orbital bone here I
mean don’t go right up into the eye but you can kind of target those crow’s feet
along here you want to go ahead and apply the layer all over your skin let
that soak in and let it sit for an hour yes another hour so you’ve done your
first hour and now you’re onto your second hour and what you’re doing is
waiting for that retinol to really start working its magic on your skin before
you follow it with your nighttime moisturizer if you don’t follow with
your nighttime moisturizer you will wake up with a dry irritated skin more than
likely so make sure you’re moisturizing after your retinol treatment but waiting
that full hour for really to do its magic and I’m telling you guys that you
will wake up with these smooth that’s skin like I literally open my eyes and I
just go like my fingers just slip right off my face anyway guys that is my first
five nights using a prescription-strength retinol I tell you
I’m loving the results already except for this one pimple but I’m totally
enjoying using my retinol and I’m going to continue to use it every single night
that is my commitment to you I’m gonna update you at the one month mark at the
two month mark and at the three month mark I’m gonna take a reference picture
right now let’s all just look at my skin I do have some brown spots in this area
here as well as over here so we’re definitely gonna keep our eyes on those
if you use prescription-strength retinol or if tried prescription-strength
retinol let me know in the comments down below if it burns you if it irritated
you if it gave you youthful skin I’m so excited to go on this retinol journey
with you we are gonna find out all of the beautiful benefits of retinol
together one day at a time I’m literally not gonna miss a single day if you guys
need more of me in between our next video you can always follow me on
Instagram snapchat and Twitter and don’t forget I have a hundred
other videos here my channel until the next video guys I hope you have a
wonderful day I love love love you and I can’t wait to see you then
bye guys

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  • Yas I've been curious about retinol I just started using the ordinary brand so its great to have this chit chat and get information about it 👌

  • I love chit chat video!!!

  • You really don't have to wait an hour to apply it whole, fifteen minutes should be plenty and you can always buffer your skin with a hydrating or soothing serum to lessen the harshness of the tretinoin. Works well for me 🙂 You look great btw!

  • Works wonders!! Compliments anyone’s skin!

  • Flawless skin you have! Quick question here, I use an oil at night as a moisturizer. Would the oil be ok on top of retinol or would I need a cream moisturizer?

  • My derm said to just wait 15 or 20 mins and also can be mixed with moisturizer if needed….Dr. Dray here on You Tube said it can be mixed as well..good luck

  • Retinol and tretinoin/retinoic acid/ are two different ingredients.

  • So glad that I found your channel. I have been trying to look for info on how to get Retin A here in Canada. How much did the dermatologist charge you for the visit? Do you need another appointment to refill your prescription for retin a?

  • You don't know how much this video just helped me….I use 0.05% days in for acne. I only burned under my eyes but is soothed now and now I know why up to the orbital socket…again, many thanks to you and maybe I should start video blogs on my journey for the acne & melasma 🙂

  • So I just started retinol 0.3% in the gel form. I'm having severe itching within the first day and a decent amount of redness. I'm going to have to call my dermatologist about it. I think its just my skin adjusting and I need a heavier moisturizer to stop dryness and itching

  • I heard you only have to let your face dry for half hour after washing…think I’m going to stick with that haha. Also, I like to put vitamin E oil (1-3 drops depending on if you have dry or oily skin)on next as the two vitamins go really well together, it’s nourishing to the skin and it helps combat the drying as well. I wait a bit before doing that but again…not an hour. Follow the oil with a moisturizer and done 🙂
    Also a quick tip, you can put Vaseline on and around your mouth as well as under your eyes and on your eye lids to protect those areas while applying Retin A 🙂

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